What is Titanium Nitride TiN Powder?


Mar 24, 2023 ,

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Titanium Nitride TiN Powder: Introduction Titanium nitride A golden cubic crystal is TiN. Its chemical formula is TiN. The molecular weight of the crystal is 61.89. The melting point of the material is 2950 The density of the material is 5.43g/cm3.

Titanium Nitride TiN Pulver’s Physicochemical Characteristics
Titanium nitride, a synthetic ceramic material is hard and has a hardness close to that of diamond. At room temperature, titanium nitride remains chemically stable. However, hot concentrated acid is used to attack it and it can then be oxidized at an atmospheric pressure of 800. It has similar reflection characteristics to an infrared Ray (IR), as well as a reflection spectrum that is comparable to gold (Au), making it pale yellow.
The relative friction coefficient of titanium Nitride is 0.4-0.9 depending on substrate materials and substrate finishes. It has the typical crystal structure as sodium chloride. The relative stoichiometry is approximately 1:1. And, its thermodynamic stability coefficient (X) is between 0.6 and 1. This thin titanium nitride film, which has been cooled down to nearly absolute zero, adds 100,000 units of super-insulating materials.
Titanium Nitride TiN Pulp Properties
Additional Names Tinite, TiNite, TiN powder, nitridotitanium
CAS No. 25583-20-4
Formula compound TiN
Molecular Weight 61.87
Appearance Powder in golden brown
Melting Point 2950
Boiling Point N/A
Density 5.43g/cm3
Solubility in water Unsolvable
Get the exact Mass 61.951
Titanium Nitride TIN Powder CAS 25833-20-4

Are titanium nitride and steel stronger?
It is stronger than steel when titanium alloyed to other metals such as vanadium or aluminum. Titanium alloys that are strong outperform lower- and middle grade stainless steels in strength. But, stainless steel of the highest quality is more powerful than titanium alloy.
The highest strength-toweight ratio is found in titanium, though. While titanium has the same strength and weight as steel, it is only 45% lighter.

Titanium Nitride Powder Applications
Powder metallurgy: Can be used as fine ceramic raw material powder or conductive material. This material is used extensively in aerospace, high-temperature resistance and wear resistance as well as other areas. This material is highly electrically conductive and can serve as an electrode and contact for electrolysis of molten salts. This material can be added to hard-cutting tools. Specifically,
1. Bedding made of titanium nitride These are often used to protect metal edges from corrosion.
2. Due to its metallic luster it’s often used as a paint brush. Car and clothing decoration . The outer coating is usually made of nickel (Ni), chromium(Cr), packaging pipes and door- and window hardware.
3. This coating can be also applied to Applications for military and aerospace Protecting the suspension sliding surfaces on bikes and motorbikes as well as the damping shafts in remote-controlled cars is also important.
4. This material meets FDA requirements and is therefore non-toxic. It can also be used frequently in medical devices Sharpening scalpel blades for orthopedic bone saws and sharpening surgical blades.
5. Films made of titanium nitride can be used microelectronics As a barrier to metal contacts or active devices, it can be used as a conductor. Conductivity is 30 to 70mo*cm when the film is diffused onto silicon metal. This is enough for a solid conductive connection.
6. This block metal is also used in the manufacture of 45nm-sized chips, which improves the efficiency of transistors. This is the Batteries By combining titanium Nitride with a gate Dielectric Layer (eg. You can improve the dielectric constant, increase the gate length, reduce the drive current, or make the threshold voltage better than the standard SiO2.
7. Its high biostability allows for extended use. Bio-electronic electrodes , such as the prosthesis project under the retina and the micro-electro-mechanical system (bio-mems) in biomedicine, which enables intelligent implants or in vivo biosensors to withstand severe humoral corrosion.

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