Bismuth Nitrate Solution


Mar 23, 2023 , ,

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bismuth nitrate solution (BiN2O3H2O) is used for a variety of scientific applications. It is soluble in aqueous solutions, possesses good thermal stability and is used as an antioxidant in a variety of chemical processes.

It is also found in natural sources as a mineral ion. It is a common constituent of copper ores and in silver. It is also found in a number of comparatively rare minerals, such as tetradymite and associated with gold.

This nitrate can be oxidized to a range of oxynitrates, most of which are stable at room temperature. These oxynitrates, such as bismuth nitrate acetate, have a high oxygen-to-hydrogen ratio and are useful for analyzing the concentration of bismuth in a sample.

In a recent study, bismuth nitrate pentahydrate was tested as a catalyst for the oxidation of benzoins in aqueous and organic solvents under microwave irradiation. The nitrate was found to be the best choice of catalyst, exhibiting good yields with a molar ratio of 0.5 mol%.

A method for preparing bismuth nitrate solution is described. It includes the steps of adding a molar ratio of bismuth and nitric acid to a reaction container, connecting a reaction vessel with an oxygen source and leading the oxygen into the closed reaction vessel, adjusting the pressure of the reaction vessel to a value between 0.1-0.9 Mpa and stirring. The bismuth nitrate and the nitric acid are reacted in the reaction vessel for 4-12 hours under the temperature of 30-90 DEG C.