Magnesium-26 From Thorne Research


Jul 6, 2023

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Getting enough magnesium is essential for a wide variety of health benefits, from regulating neurotransmitters to aiding sleep and reducing migraines. While magnesium can be found in whole foods like beans and nuts, many people find it difficult to meet their dietary needs with these alone and turn to supplements. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements, it’s important to choose a reputable brand that has undergone quality testing.

This Magnesium Complex from Thorne Research offers a combination of magnesium oxide, citrate, succinate, and chelated glycinate in capsule form. This supplement is non-GMO verified and packs more than 100% of the daily value for magnesium. The glycinate and bisglycinate forms of magnesium are said to be easier on the stomach than some other forms and have less of a laxative effect. This supplement is also free of more than 200 substances banned by major sports organizations, which may appeal to athletes.

Magnesium (Mg) is an alkaline-earth metal with the atomic number 26, a stable isotope, and an oxide ion with an alkali valence of 2.

Magnesium occurs naturally in some fruits and vegetables, including bananas and spinach, as well as fortified cereals. It is also widely used in metallurgy, especially in aluminum-magnesium alloys, which are strong and lightweight. Magnesium is often added to fertilizers and a range of consumer products. In its pure form, magnesium is a soft silvery metal that is reactive with water and most acids. Finely divided magnesium burns readily in air and is used as photographic flash ribbon and powder, and it was once the main ingredient in pyrotechnic devices.