Beryllium Aluminum


Jul 6, 2023

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beryllium aluminum is a metal alloy that combines the strengths of beryllium and aluminium. It is produced by powder metallurgy and forms an isotropic spherical aluminium-beryllium dendrite matrix that exhibits excellent fabrication characteristics and mechanical properties. It is known commercially by the trade name AlBeMet AM162.

The demand for beryllium aluminum will rise as a result of growth in the automotive industry. The development of the automobile manufacturing industry in East Asia is expected to drive the beryllium aluminum market in the region. Furthermore, increasing investments in the electronics industries will also boost the demand for beryllium aluminum alloys.

Because of its strong and light weight, beryllium aluminum is used in many aerospace and satellite applications. These include airframes, missiles, rocket nozzles and satellite sensors. Additionally, it is highly dimensionally stable and does not change size or shape under high stress or temperature changes. These features are important to ensure that the performance of these critical systems is consistent and repeatable.

Beryllium is a metallic element with an atomic number of four and an atomic mass of 13. It has an extremely low density and stiffness (elastic tensile modulus) and resists vibration and shocks very well. It is also corrosion resistant to nitric acid and has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

Inhalation of beryllium dust can cause respiratory problems and it may irritate the skin. It is a human carcinogen and may damage the heart and kidneys. Exposure to beryllium is a significant occupational risk, particularly in the mining and manufacturing industries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), workers who handle primary beryllium, beryllium alloys, and beryllium recycling are most at risk for exposure.