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Dec 19, 2022

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Germanium (or gray) is a metal that’s light in color. According to Xrays studies, germanium crystals have an atomic arrangement similar to that in diamond. So structure has an impact on performance. Germanium is also as hardy and brittle like diamond. Purity: 99.999% Particle size 100 mesh Germanium Powder 5Nge Powder ge rmanium, is a Silver-Gray Crystal. Germanium melting points are 937.4°C. Germanium boil point hovers around 2830°C. Germanium chemical composition, Ge is used in making semiconductor materials. Manium, an element with the symbol Ge is a Chemical element. It has atomic number 42, and atomic weight 72.64. Elemental Germanium is an example of a shiny, hard grey metal. It falls under the category of carbon and has similar chemical properties to silicon. Geo The distribution of in nature is extensive. Germanium is also found in copper and iron sulfide ores and rocks, soil, springs, and many other substances. Germanium can also be found in the crust of the earth at 7 parts for million. While this is less than some common elements like silicon and oxygen but much more than arsenic as well. Germanium’s dispersion means that the metal can only be obtained from very small amounts. Germanium to be sold: 3pdm a trustworthy global pure Germanium / supplier. Please feel free to contact us for the most current Germanium price. Germanium Powder 5Nge Powder, CAS 7440-56-4: Germanium is a powder of silver-gray germanium. (CAS-7440-56-4). It has an melting point of 937.4°C. and a boiling of 2830°C. Technical Parameter of Germanium Powder5N Ge PowderCAS 7440-56-4 Produktname Purity Size of Particle Molecular Weight Density Germanium Powder 99.999% 180 mesh 72.61 5.35 g/cm3 Gray How Germanium 5N Ge powder is made? You need to first mix the germanium enrichment in concentrated hydrochloric, to make germanium-tetrachloride. After this, purify the mixture with two rectifications of quartz tower. However, there will still be impurities in the hydrolysis mother alcohol. Therefore the hydrolysis process can be considered a purification. Following drying, calcining, pure Germanium dioxide is reduced by hydrogen in the quartz tub of the reduction furnace at 654-680. In this tube you can obtain metallic germanium. The zonel smelting process can yield high purity germanium (less than 1/1010), which is used in the semiconductor sector. Use Germanium Powder Germanium offers many advantages in the areas of semiconductor, aerospace measurement & control, nuclear detection, optical fibre communication, infrared optics, solar cells as well chemical catalysts. This makes it an attractive strategic resource. Pretreatment of alloys in the optic industry is another way to use germanium as a catalyst. High purity germanium makes a good semiconductor material. High purity germanium oxide can be used to make it. It can be made from a single crystal of Germanium, mixed with specific impurities. A variety of high refractive glasses and fluorescent plates can be made using germanium-containing compounds. Germanium single crystal can also be used as a transistor. Germanium can also be used for radiation detectors or thermoelectric materials. Germanium is used in thermoelectric materials and radiation detectors. A high purity single crystal with a high refractive index can be used as an infrared window, prism, or lens to allow infrared light penetration. About 20-30% to 30% of total germanium is used in infrared optics. The germanium optical systems are principally used for optical material such as prisms, lenses, filters, and windows in infrared. Germanium that is used to make solar cells makes up 15% of all total germanium. In the next few years, the growth in demand for germanium series product in the solar field will be primarily reflected by the rapid development in aerospace and satellite markets as well the rapid growth and acceptance of ground photovoltaic technology. Germanium Powder 5N Ge Powder, CAS 7440-56-4 Dried reunions can adversely affect germanium dust dispersion performance. Also, avoid excessive stress. Packing & Shipping of Germanium Powder CAS 7405-56-4. There are many kinds of packaging that can be used depending on the germanium powder5N Ge amount. Germanium 5N powder Packaging: vacuum, 100g 500g or 1,kg/bag. Germanium 5N Ge powder shipping could be shipped by sea, air and express so long as the payment receipt has cleared. 3pdm is a leading supplier of advanced material. With over twelve years of industry experience, (3pdm), is an established global supplier and manufacturer for chemical materials. For high-quality powdered germanium, contact us today and submit an inquiry. (brad@ihpa.net)

Germanium Powder Properties

Germanium particles, Germanium microparticles, Germanium micropowder, Germanium micro powder, Germanium micron powder, Germanium submicron powder, Germanium submicron-powder 7440-56-4 Molecular Weight 72.61 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point 937.4 Boiling Point 2830 Density 5.323 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Electro Resistivity microhm-cm @ 0 °C Poissons Ratio 0.26 Tensile Force N/A Heat Conductivity 0.602W/cm/K@ 302.93K Thermal Expansion 6.0 um*m-1*K-1 Vickers Hardness N/A Young’s Model

Germanium Puffer Health & Safety

Danger Hazard Statements N/A Hazard Codes H228 Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A Travel Information UN3089 4/1 / PGII
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