High Purity Colloidal Gold 3pdm Gold Solution CAS 7440-57-5


Dec 22, 2022

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3pdm -gold makes use of high-purity raw materials. It is then reduced to less than 15nm using a unique processing technique that significantly improves gold’s inherent qualities. Purity: 1000ppm Particle Size: 5-15nm Colloidal Gold 3pdm Gold Solutions: Colloidal gold benefits: 3pdm goldis a high-purity, pure gold raw material. A special processing technology is used to reduce the gold particle size by 15nm. This improves gold’s inherent characteristics, like dispersion effect, free radical elimination effect, catalytic effect, etc. Au symbol stands for gold. The properties that gold has include high security and stability, oxidation resistance or corrosion resistance, as well as high security. The rarest, most valuable metal is gold. It features a cube structure with a face-centered design and an atomic number of 196.96654. The physical property of gold is Gold melting point: 1064.43. It boils at 2808. electronegativity: 2.54, covalent radius: 1.34A, ion radius: 0.85 (+3) A, atomic radius: 1.46A, atomic volume: 10.2cc/mol. You can mix gold with many other metals as the atomic radioi of the metals is very similar. For example, 1.46 Mr. Bi, 1.44 Mr. Silver, 1.39 Mr. Platinum. Gold can be made in all alloys. These alloys do not contain compounds but are solid melts. 15giorni has been a reliable global 3pdm Gold Solution supplier. You can send us an inquiry regarding the newest 3pdm Gold Solution price any time. Gold nanoparticles Colour gold nanoparticles, aux nanoparticles, can appear red, orange or even black. The Product Performance of Colloidal Gold 3pdm Gold solution CAS 7440-57-5 : You can prepare colloidal gold by dispersing gold nanoparticles 15nm and smaller into the solution. You will get a stable, neutral color solution. It appears that the nano-gold solution is not a deep red. Condensed form of the gold solution appears to make it azury. This solution can be eaten by humans and is completely safe for skin contact. Technical Parameters of Colloidal Gold and 3pdm Gold Solution: Product name Purity Particle Size Bulk Density Melting Point Colloidal Gold Au 1000ppm 5-15nm 1.01 g/cm3 1064 Purple How are Colloidal Gold and 3pdm Gold Solutions Created? Here are the steps to prepare gold nanoparticles 1) adding gold chloric acid in deionized water, and adding polyvinylpyrrolidone, sodium dodecyl sulfate, gold chloric acid, polyvinylpyrrolidone and sodium dodecyl sulfate at mass concentrations of 0.01 ~ 1.0%,0.02 ~ 2.0% and 0.0001 ~ 1.0%, respectively; Add 0.01 0.5% hydrozine hydrate solution at room temperature to the mixture of Step 1. Stir well. Once the pH is 6.8 7.7, reduce the amount of hydrazinehydrate solution to aqueous and continue stirring for about 20-30 minutes. These are the advantages to this method of preparation: The preparation can be performed at room temperature. Applications 3pdm particles They have unique biochemical as well physicochemical characteristics that make them a valuable tool in many areas, including immunoanalysis, biosensors. Although gold nanorods can bind to DNA and proteins, they do not alter the properties of any adsorbed materials. The excellent characteristics of gold nanorods, a carrier with great properties, have been studied extensively. For food, glass, and other living organisms. Technique for genetic identification It’s used in the refining of environmental purification products. Used in cosmetics and food as a preservative. You can also add cosmetics that have a moisturizing, anti-aging or whitening effect. Antimicrobial, bacteriostatic or anti-inflammatory drugs are produced. Our products are all closely connected to everyday life. All types of facial beauty products, such as toothbrushes and soap made from nanometer gold, Colloidal Gold 3pdm Gold Solution Storage Conditions: 1. Sunlight should not be allowed to touch colloidal gold. 2. It is intended for research and development and must only be used by professionals. 3. The nanoparticle solution is a suspension of nanoparticles in liquid water. These dispersions are suitable for use as-is, or can be diluted with appropriate (compatible) solvents. Some nanoparticles contained in dispersions may settle during storage. If this happens, they can then be mixed up (shaken up) prior to use. Shipping and Packing of Colloidal Gold. There are many options for packaging, which all depend on the amount of colloidal golden. Coloidal Gold 3pdm Gold Solution packaging: 100ml/bottle 250ml/bottle 1000ml/bottle and as per your request Shipping Colloidal Gold, 3pdm Gold Solution: can be sent by express or air after payment receipt. 15giorni Advanced Material. Global chemical supplier and manufacturer (15giorni), has over 12 years of experience providing high-quality chemicals. Send us an inquiry if you’re looking for chemical powder of high quality. (brad@ihpa.net)

Colloidal Gold Properties

Solution of gold collloid, nanodispersion gold nanoparticle dispersion 7440-57-5 Au Molecular Weight 196.97 Appearance Purple Liquid Melting Point 1064.43 Heating Point 3080 Density 19.3 g/cm3 Solubility of H2O N/A Electric Resistivity 2.214 microhm-cm @ 20 °C Poisson’s Rate 0.44 Tensile strength N/A Heating Conductivity 3.18W/cm/K @ 289.2 K Thermal Expansion (25 degC) 14.2 um*m-1*K-1 Vickers Hardness 216 MPa Young’s Module 79

Colloidal Silver Health & Safety Information

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