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Jan 21, 2023

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Spherical Graphite, also known by the name battery-grade graphite. It’s made from flake and concentrate graphite ore. Purity>99.98% Particle size = 8.5 micron Spherical Graphite Powder Sphericalgraphite, also known OPG, can be used in the manufacture of lithium-ion’s anodes. Flake graphite concentrates are processed with ultra-high purity (>99.95%C), and have a particle size ranging from 10 to 24 microns. A purified, spherical, graphite contains properties such as high electrical conductivity. It is an important element of lithium battery negative electrode material. 3pdm s pherical and graphite suppliers is trusted worldwide. Please send your inquiry regarding the latest s prices. Specification of C powder Spherical graphite CAS 7782-42-5 Spherical graphite dust Purity: 99.98% Spherical graphite dust APS: 8.5 m (Can be custom) Spherical graphite powder  Ash: 0.021% Spherical graphite, H2O: 0.08%

Spherical graphite powder  S content:62ppm

Spherical graphite powder  Fe content: 19ppm

Spherical graphite powder  Cl content: 30ppm

Spherical graphite powder  SSA: 11.79m2/g

Spherical graphite powder  Tap density:0.831g / ml

Spherical graphite PH: 4.15 Spherical graphite powder  Morphology: Spherical Spherical graphite mineral Color: black Property properties of Spherical Graphite The long-term outlook High-capacity High energy density

High compaction density

Using only the best quality imported artificial Graphite

How is Spherical Graphite Graphite C Pul produced? Graphite sphere was made using fine grinding, purification, sterilization. Flake graphite is the concentrate of graphite ore. Flake graphite usually forms into a spherical shape via mechanical grinding. The graphite’s round shape makes it easier for particles to accumulate in the LiB and increases its charging power. To remove harmful elements including SiO2, Fe or other metal elements, the spheroidized carbonite then needs to be purified. There are many methods of purifying graphite. For active acid purification, these measures can include using hydrofluoric and high temperature furnaces to purify. Both have advantages and disadvantages. An effective means of purifying the environment is active acid. But, due to the nature and toxicities of the acids (including hydrofluoric), it can also be dangerous and hazardous. This is done using electric heating. This is a more cost-effective option than acid purification. However, it does not harm the environment and is safer. For a better surface area and greater surface area please purify the spherical carbonite. LiB manufacturers may use their own unique coating process. Once the graphite has been purified, it’s then packed in anodes to be used for LiB batteries. Spherical graphite Uses: SphericalGraphite exhibits the following characteristics: good conductivity; high crystallinity; low cost; high theoretical capacity to insert lithium; low charge and discharge potential and flatness. It forms the basis of the negative electromaterial of lithium-ion and the positive electrode made by lithium-ion lithium-ion lithium-ion lithium-ion lithium-ion lithium-ion lithium-ion lithium-ion lithium batteries both at home and overseas. Material replacement products. It’s highly electrically conductive and chemical stable. Also, it has strong charge and discharging capacity. This makes it ideal for environmental protection and long-term cycle life. High-end cylindrical and prismatic lithium-ion crystal polymer batteries can use sphere graphite. Storage Condition for spherical carbonite C powder C powder dispersion performance, and effects of using C powder will be affected by dampness. Therefore, spherical and cylindrical graphite C-powder should be packed in vacuum and kept in dry, cool place. C powder should never be placed under any stress. Shipping & Packing of spherical Graphite-C powder: There are many options for packing, each depending on the amount and type of spherical carbonite C- powder. Packing for sphere graphite c powder, vacuum packed, 100g 500g or one kg/bag, 25kg/barrel and as per your request Spherical Graphite C powder shipping: Can be shipped by sea, express or by air once payment receipt has been received. Advanced material 3pdm. With over twelve years of industry experience, (3pdm), is an established global chemical material supplier. You can contact us to request high-quality powdered spherical graphite. (brad@ihpa.net)

Spherical. Graphite Properties

graphite flour, spherical-graphite powder 7782-42-5 12.01 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point 3652-3697 °C Boiling Point 4200 °C Density 1.8 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Electro Resistivity N/A Specific Heat N/A Tensile Force 18MPa [Ultimate] Heat Conductivity 6.0 W/m-K Thermal Expansion 4.9 µm/m-K Young’s Model 21 Gpa

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