Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate Mw

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anhydrous sodium sulfate mw (Na2SO4 10H2O) is a white solid. It is a common chemical compound with a worldwide annual production of about 6 million tonnes. It occurs naturally in arid environments as the mineral thenardite or in mirabilite, and is recovered commercially from saline lakes such as the Great Salt Lake. The deca hydrate is commonly called Glauber’s salt after Johann Glauber in the seventeenth century, and it has many uses including chemical analysis reagents; manufacturing glass and ultramarine; as a mordant in printing and dyeing; making paper pulp by the Kraft process; and as a drying agent for organic solutions.

It is also used for defrosting windows, in carpet fresheners and as an additive to cattle feed. In the laboratory, it is often used as an inert drying agent for removing traces of water from organic solutions. It reacts violently with aluminum and magnesium, but is unreactive toward most oxidizing agents.

American Elements produces anhydrous sodium sulfate to many standard grades when applicable, including Mil Spec (military grade), ACS, Reagent and Technical Grade, Food, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Grade, and USP/EP/BP. It is packaged in a range of convenient sizes and formats for easy handling. For more information, please see the Product Data Sheet and MSDS. Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate is shipped by air with dry ice, or ground in a sealed container. It is also transported by sea or rail in sealed containers. For additional transportation options, please refer to the Shipping Methods and Packaging section of this website.