Accelerating Admixtures Alkali-free Concrete Accelerator


Apr 25, 2023 ,

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An Alkali-free concrete acceleration is a new type of high-performance, alkali-free, and chlorine-free concrete accelerator. It has been created by new materials and new processes. It can be used with many cements because of its compatibility.
Concrete acceleration product introduction An alkali-free concrete accelerator has been created by new materials and using new processes. It is a high-performance, environmentally-friendly, high-performance, and chlorine-free concrete accelerator . It can be used with large, imported wet spray machines and is compatible with different cements. You can enjoy a lower dust load, increased efficiency and protection of the environment, which will have a significant impact on your economic performance.

Adding admixtures faster Advantages and Features
(1) High homogeneity: This product has no color or lightening and is homogeneous.
(2) Low-dose : A recommended dosage of 3% to 88% of the cement material is used. Cement concrete sets and hardens quickly and takes a short time between initial and final setting.
(3) Good durability concrete. Because the alkali free concrete accelerator admixture doesn’t contain large amounts of alkaline compounds like alkaline accelerations, it reduces the concrete’s vulnerability to material reactions and improves concrete’s durability.
(4) Environment and Health: Alkali-free cement Accelerator doesn’t contain alkaline Cations. It is neutral or weakly acidsic, so it will not cause corrosive injury to the skin or harm to workers. The construction environment is greatly improved by the alkali-free accelerator, which reduces the dust concentration as well as the rebound rate during spraying.
A low rebound rate: Our experience shows that spraying with alkali free accelerating admixtures has a lower rebound rate than 15%. It is possible to save money by using alkali-free, accelerating admixtures. The benefits are clear.
The difference between strength is that the alkali free accelerator admixtures have large early strengths and little late strength loss. Alkali-free accelerators can improve support strength and reduce cement content. It also reduces cracking, spalling and the cost of secondary repairs of slag or roadway deformation.
(7) High adaptability: Suitable for all cement types, with a range of 3%8%
It has no detrimental effect on concrete durability. It is non-chloride and has a low concrete-destructive effect.
(9) There is no dust in the spraying process, and the rebound is decreased. This helps to protect the workers’ health as well as reduce waste.
(10) Hardened concrete can be formed with high-strength shotcrete and has excellent compactness and impermeability.

Concrete Using an accelerator
It is safe for shotcrete construction as well as leak plugging.

Use concrete accelerators and other matters that need attention
(1) Dosage The amount of alkali-free concrete accelerator will depend on the concrete’s temperature, environment and base, as well the cement used and its activity, setting time, and early strength. The recommended dose of alkali free liquid accelerator should be between 3% to 8% based on cement weight.
(2) Dry spraying process : The concrete is mixed in advance and the alkali free liquid concrete accelerator is added via the metering pump. Finally, water is added to concrete mixture using the nozzle.
(3) The wet spraying process is where the concrete is mixed with water and then the liquid concrete accelerator, which is alkali-free, enters the compressed atmosphere pipeline through the metering pumps. Finally, the concrete and the accelerator are sprayed together from the nozzle.
(4) These cases require that you pay particular attention to the precise dosage of the admixture. Concrete’s best water-cement mix is 0.45. A lower water-cement rate will result in better concrete results, even though it is less than 0.45. Concrete with a water-cement percentage greater than 0.25 will take longer to set and have lower strength.
(5) The alkali free liquid concrete acceleration is adaptable to concrete consistency and is suitable shotcrete with large slumps (>200mm).
(6) Do not exceed the recommended dosage. This will result in slow coagulation and an early strength drop that will severely affect the structure and adhesion.
(7) Before using an alkali-free liquid cement accelerator, it is important to rinse the metering pumps, as well as the filter and accelerator pipeline, with water. The entire pump system should be cleaned every day to avoid clogging.

Concrete accelerator packaging and storage
The alkali free cement accelerator can be packed in plastic barrels up to tons and can also come in other sizes depending on the user’s requirements.
Plastic buckets need to be handled with care in order not to break.
It must be stored in the original sealed container.
Concrete accelerator can’t be stored in metal containers. Mix the product thoroughly before you use it to prevent precipitation.

Shelf life concrete accelerator
Alkali-free liquid accelerator has a storage life of 6 months if it is kept in the original airtight container.

Safety instructions regarding concrete accelerator
Standard precautions like wearing gloves and safety goggles are required. You must use the concrete accelerator that is alkali-free.
If you have come into contact with your skin, rinse off with lots of water. Contact with the eyes should be treated immediately with plenty water.
If swallowed, you should drink lots of water and immediately go to the hospital.