Zinc Metal Powder


Jul 7, 2023

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zinc metal powder is a bluish gray colored, pure metallic substance. It is produced by condensing purified zinc vapors. The substance has no odor and is practically insoluble in water at ambient conditions. Zinc powder has many different uses in various fields. It is important to get familiar with the properties and uses of this substance.

When zinc is mixed with hydrochloric acid, it reacts in a single replacement reaction to generate hydrogen gas and also produce zinc chloride as a salt. The solid crystals of the zinc compound are known as zinc granules. Zinc is very reactive with acids, and the process of oxidation results in the release of hydrogen gas which makes it unstable in humid or warm areas.

A major application of zinc is in making rechargeable alkaline batteries. Zinc battery manufacturers used to alloy zinc with mercury, which slowed down the production of hydrogen gas. However, the use of mercury is now prohibited due to its negative effects on health and the environment. They replaced the mercury with other alloys such as bismuth-zinc and indium-zinc.

Zinc is also used in making brass and as a medicine for certain skin diseases. It is also a very important ingredient in soldering powders. In the case of soldering, it is sprayed on the surface of the metal part to strengthen the joint. The solder is then melted with the smelted zinc particles and solidifies, creating a strong and durable bond.