Where is Zinc stearate used in?


Mar 10, 2023 ,

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Zinc-stearate serves mainly as a release and lubricant of styrene, phenolic, and amino resins, as well as as vulcanizing activ agent and softener for rubber.
For what purpose is Zinc-stearate employed?
You can use it as an non-toxic stabilizer to polyvinylchloride. This is a low initial coloring product that’s weather and water resistant. Because it is a catalytic agent that accelerates the degrading of PVC and may cause the product to change its color over time, this product shouldn’t be used by itself. This product can also be combined with barium or cadmium soap to create soft products. Although the recommended dosage is low, it can be used when combined with epoxide/phosphite to increase its effectiveness.

This product can be used to release transparent products and as a lubricant in styrene and ABS resins. It can also be used to prevent sticking in rubber industries as a diaphragm and lubricant. Besides. This can be used to polish textiles, as well as paint polishing agents and cosmetic ingredients.

Metal soap powder. It is used in the making of incense and pressed powder. It is used as an adhesive for fragrant powders to improve their adhesion on skin. It is light-weight and can be mixed with powder cosmetics. The addition amount is usually 5% to 15%.

Antifoaming agents. Stabilizers for light and heat. Abrasive and paint flatting agents. Isolating and drying agent for feet. Stabilizers and release agents for plastic products. Waterproofing agent for concrete and brown asbestos. Use in cosmetics and skin care products.

What is Zinc stearate used for?
1. This product is widely used in paint desiccant, the curing oil preparation, and lubricant preparation. This is an effective way to improve the photothermal stability and photoresistivity of PVC, rubber and other non-toxic materials. PVC processing uses a low amount of dosage, usually less that 1 phr.

2. This is used in rubber products as well as for pencil lead manufacturing and polymerization additives (PP, PE), PS, EPS. The general dosage of this product is 1 to 3 phr.

3. Zinc Stearate can also be used to stabilize heat, as a lubricant or grease, and even as an accelerator or thickener. Zinc stearate can be used, for example, as heat stabilizers for PVC resin.

4. This product can be used in general industrial transparent products. It is compatible with calcium soap and can also be used for products that are non-toxic. In recent years, however, hard transparent products like mineral water bottles and water pipes have been used. The product’s good lubricity can reduce the possibility of precipitation and scaling. You can use it as a paint flatting and additive, lubricant, and release agent.

Zinc Stearate price
Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market and industry trends. Economic activity. Unexpected events.
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