What is Gallium Hydride?


Mar 15, 2023 ,

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gallium hydride is a stable and versatile metal-hydride that has applications in the electronics industry. It is used in microwave and infrared circuits, lasers, blue and violet LEDs and pressure sensors for touch switches.

Gallium is a member of the Boron family (group 13) and shares three electrons in its outer energy level with boron, aluminium and indium. It has a boiling point of 3,999 F (2,204 C) and a melting point of -423 F (-150 C).

It is used to make gallium arsenide (GaAs), which is used for microwave and infrared circuits as well as in solar panels for Mars exploration rovers. It also is a key component in gallium nitride (GaN), which is used as a semiconductor in Blu-ray technology and mobile phones.

gallium hydride can be prepared by oxidation of gallane to give Ga(OH)3, or by reduction of digallane to gallanic acid and hydrogen gas. It is unstable at low temperatures and a white solid that melts at -50 degC. It is in chemical equilibrium with digallane(6), which is the dominant species with increasing temperature.