Water-based Concrete Release Agent


Mar 29, 2023 ,

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Concrete release agent is also known as concrete isolation agent or release oil. It is a material that is applied to the innewall of the moldwork to provide lubrication or isolation. Concrete can then be separated easily from the moldwork by removing the mold.
Water-based concrete release agents: Concrete release agent TR ARA, also known as concrete isolate agent or release lubricant, is also called concrete release agent. It is a material that is applied to the innewall of concrete formwork in order to lubricate and isolate concrete. This allows concrete to be separated easily from the formwork during removal and retains its shape. This product is compatible with aluminum, steel, resins, ABS plastic molds as well woods and other material molds concrete formswork.

Technical Parameter of Water Based Concrete Release Agent
Appearance Liquid
Density(g/cm3) 0.95-0.97
pH 8.0-9.0
Stability The product does not have stratification
Corrosivity There is no corrosion of the template
Film making time
30–60 minutes (subject the drying of the entire painted surface).
Dosage per kilogram of stock solution 100-150 m2/kg

Product characteristics Water-based concrete release agents
1.Aqueous Polymer Composite Concentrated Material through the unique formula of milling, and processing of environmentally-friendly products.
2. Superior isolation performance and easy disassembly
3.Simply insert the mold into the model.

4.A smooth concrete surface with no pollution
5.Protection and prolonging the service life of mold.

Beware of Water-based concrete release agents
1. This product is not toxic and harmless. It can be biodegradable but it cannot be eaten. .
2. You should rinse it off with lots of water if it gets in your eyes.
3. A doctor should be consulted immediately if you are allergic to any part or the entire body.