Tube Gold – A Specialty Form of Gold Used in Jewelry and Other Metalwork


Aug 8, 2023

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tube gold is a specialized form of gold, used in fine jewelry and other metalwork. It is made by rolling a sheet of gold into a cylindrical shape and then using a special tool to cut it down to the required size. This allows for precise control over the dimensions of the final product and enables jewelry makers to work with very small and intricate parts.

Despite the fact that tube gold is more expensive than sheet gold it is still an essential part of any jeweler’s tool kit. The main reason for this is that tube gold is available in a much wider range of sizes and wall thicknesses than sheet gold. This makes it much more practical to use for small parts that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to make with sheet gold.

American Elements carries a large selection of seamless tubing in various sizes and materials. This includes tubing in Gold in a wide variety of diameters and wall thicknesses, as well as a large variety of other metals.

These are a great way to store your coins in a safe and convenient manner. The coin tubes come in both a traditional rounded style and a squared off version, both of which can hold many different types of coins. If you are storing a collection of modern or antique coins, then this is definitely an item that you should have in your numismatic toolbox.