Titanium Molybdenum Alloy Grades and Properties


Apr 23, 2023 ,

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titanium molybdenum alloy is a high-strength, corrosion resistant, non-magnetic alloy used in a variety of applications including deep submersible shells. The alloy is also well suited for high-temperature structural application and hot die forging tooling.

Grades & Properties

American Elements carries a wide range of titanium molybdenum alloys in many forms including bar, wire, ribbon, sheet and foil. These alloys are sold under the trade name AE Alloys(tm).

Ti-6Al-4V, or Grade 22, is a common titanium alloy for applications that require strength at a relatively low weight and useful formability. This titanium alloy can be heat treated to improve its strength and toughness, making it ideal for welded construction at service temperatures up to 600deg F.

This grade is a compromise between the ease of welding and manufacturing of the “pure” grades and the high strength of Grade 5. It has excellent corrosion resistance, good ductility and formability, and is commonly used in aircraft tubing for hydraulics and athletic equipment.

The addition of molybdenum to titanium results in a lower elastic modulus and improved wear and corrosion resistance. This is beneficial for orthopedic applications where the presence of a stabilising element is critical.

TZM has a chemically stable crystalline structure and can be processed in a high pressure, gas-containing autoclave at temperatures up to 1000 degC. This has been shown to reduce the cycle time of producing the alloy by 40% and increase productivity, resulting in a reduced product cost.