Titanium Boride


Mar 24, 2023 ,

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titanium boride, also known as TiB2, is a metallic gray ceramic powder with good heat conductivity and wear resistance. It is used in the production of armor, cutting tools, crucibles and wear resistant coatings.

Typical Uses:

HM supplies titanium boride powder in bulk and as micron powders to a wide range of customers worldwide for specialized applications such as ceramic sintered parts, structural applications including cutting tool composites, ceramic armor nozzles, wear parts, seals and molten metal crucibles. It is also used as an inoculant to refine the grain size of aluminium alloys and can be electroplated into thin films with many advantages over other technologies such as physical vapor deposition or chemical vapor deposition.


The presence of titanium boride may cause respiratory irritation, headaches, dizziness and gastrointestinal upset. It should be stored in a cool, dry area and handled with care.

Fire & Explosion Hazards:

When heated to decomposition, titanium boride emits toxic fumes that can be dangerous. It can also be explosive if it comes in contact with flammable gas, water or acids.


HM recommends storing titanium boride in a cool, dry location and away from direct sources of light or oxidizing agents. Alternatively, store in a controlled environment or in an inert atmosphere such as argon.

The flexural creep rate of TiB2 as a function of temperature is shown in Fig. 11, a least squares fit to the data for a fixed density and a fixed grain size at room temperature (see Table 1). The dashed line represents the flexural creep rate of TiB2 for a range of stress values.