The Root Industries Lithium Bar is Gnarly Yet Glorious


Jul 9, 2023

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As a soft alkali metal, lithium has one of the lowest densities of all solids and it even floats on water. But don’t let that fool you: this element is very reactive. In air it tarnishes to black before your eyes and in water it fizzes, boils, and explodes!

It’s so reactive that it takes a while for scientists to isolate it. The first to do so was a Brazilian naturalist, Joze Bonifacio de Andralda e Silva. He found it in the mineral petalite, on the Swedish island Uto, in 1790s.

Today, lithium has many applications including being used as an alloying agent with aluminum and magnesium, in some batteries, and also to stabilize moods. Its most popular compound, lithium carbonate, is used to treat bipolar disorder by stabilizing the wild mood swings that are a hallmark of this illness.

Lithium has a very high specific heat capacity (the amount of heat it absorbs per unit of volume) making it an excellent choice for fuel cells. It’s also an important component of nuclear physics, having use in fusion reactions.

Gnarly yet glorious, the all-new Root Industries lithium bars are a sight to behold. Made from HI-Modulus Alloy and tested by the sport’s top riders, these bars are lightweight and balanced to ensure buttery-feeling barspins and exceptional whip control. They also offer a variety of compression options – IHC and SCS – to suit all riding styles and sizes. This is a must-have for every serious scooterist.