The Property And Application of Nano Silver Colloidal

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Nano silver colloidal The particle size ranges from 1-100nm. The nano-silver particle size is usually between 20 and 50 nanometers. However, some particles can be smaller than 5 nanometers. It has a broad bacterialicidal action, killing about 650 types of bacteria.

The Property of Nano Silver Colloidal

1. Broad-spectrum Antibacterial The Nano-Silver is a silver nanoparticle that acts on the cell protein. It can destroy the bacterial membrane, combine with oxygen metabolism (-SH), and prevent the bacteria from absorbing nutrients for growth like amino acids and Uracil.

2. Strong Permeability
Nano silver particles have high permeability and can quickly penetrate under the skin for sterilization. They have an excellent sterilization effect, especially on stubborn bacteria.

3. Strong sterilization
Silver and silicon are used to kill more than 600 different types of bacteria. The complex combines nano-silver with the cell walls of bacteria quickly to achieve a powerful antibacterial effect.

4. Durable, antibacterial and washable
The textile surface is polymerized with nano-silver to form a ring. This makes it durable and machine washable.

5. Repeatability
Silver nanoparticles can be released from the membrane of cells after they combine with oxygen metabolism (-SH).

Safe and nontoxic
Silver is non-toxic and raw. According to the US Public Health Service’s “Investigation Report on Silver Toxicity” in 1990: Silver does not have any obvious side effects on people; nano-silver, a topical medication with low silver content. This is the most safest method of taking medication.

7. No resistance
Nano silver, which is not an antibiotic, has a unique antibacterial mechanism that can kill bacteria directly and quickly, thus preventing them from reproducing. This means that the next generation cannot be produced, and can therefore effectively avoid repeated drug-resistant attacks.

Application of Nano Silver Colloidal

Essentials for daily life
Nano silver can also be used to spray on various paper and textile products, as well as soaps, face masks and scrubbing agents.

Chemical building materials
Nano silver is added to paints based on water, paints containing solid liquid paraffins (liquid paraffin), inks containing various organic and inorganic solvents etc.

Medical and health care:
Nano-silver can be used to make medical rubber tubes, medical gauze and antibacterial drugs for women.

Ceramic products
The tableware and sanitary ware can be made from nano-silver antibacterial. It can be manufactured.

Plastic products
Add nano silver to a variety of plastics, such as PE and PP, PET, ABS etc. Antibacterial properties can be achieved by adding nano silver to plastic products such as PE, PP, PC and PET.

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