The Property And Application of Bismuth Powder


Aug 13, 2023

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What property does bismuth Powder have?

Bismuth powder Metal bismuth is a metal with a silvery white (pink) to light yellow luster. It has brittleness and is easily crushed. Metal bismuth, a metal that has a silvery white to light yellow color and is brittle is easily broken.Bismuth occurs in the natural state as sulfide Bismuthite, (Bi2S3) or oxide Bismuth Oxide (Bi2O3). Bismuth Loess is also formed through oxidation of Bismuthite, or other bismuth-containing Sulfides. Because bismuth’s melting point is low, it can easily be reduced with charcoal.

When bismuth is heated beyond the melting point it will burn, emitting a light-blue flame and bismuth trioxide. Bismuth powder can also be mixed with sulfur and halogen when red hot. Bismuth powder does not dissolve in water, and it is also insoluble in nonoxidizing acids like hydrochloric. Even concentrated hydrochloric or sulfuric acids only react slightly to heat, but aqua regia is soluble and so is concentrated nitric.

What is bismuth Powder Application?

1. Additives for metals
A small amount bismuth can be added to steel to improve its processing, while a smaller amount can also be added to malleable casting iron to give it properties similar to stainless steel.

2. Bi-based Low melting point Fusible Alloy
For cold stamping, thin metal plates are formed using an alloy of bismuth and tin. The temperature should not be lower than that of the steel mould. This alloy can also be reused many times.
Electric appliances, safety device, automatic device indicators, etc., are all made from a low melting point alloy composed of bismuth, aluminum, tin cadmium and indium.

3. Medical Treatment
The astringent action of bismuth medicines is used for surgery to treat hemostasis and trauma.

4. Application of Bismuth in Flame Retardant
Bi203 is the best flame retardant additive. It has a superior effect to Sb203 and is non-toxic and safe. The smoke that is produced during combustion can be extremely harmful and has no effect on the stability of flame retardant products.

5. Use of Bismuth in Chemical Industry
Bismuth Yellow pigment is made from a combination of bismuth vanadate (bismuth oxide) and bismuth mollybdate. It can be used as a substitute for lead, cadmium or other pigments. It is also brighter and more vibrant. It is difficult to fade and fall off.

6. Electronic ceramics
Electronic ceramics with bismuth powder are used as a scintillation material in devices like nuclear radiation sensors, x ray level scanners.

7. Semiconductor
Air conditioners and refrigerators are assembled using high-purity powders of bismuth combined with tellurium and other elements such as selenium and antimony. Artificial bismuth can be used as a photoresistor in photovoltaics devices, and to increase the sensitivity on the visible spectrum.

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