The Applications of AlMgB14 Powder


Apr 16, 2023

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Overview of AlMgB14 Pulver
Aluminum Boride or Al3Mg3B56 The compound of aluminum, magnesium, and boron, also known as BAM is commonly known. Although its molecular formula is AlMgB14 it is actually closer to Al0.75Mg0.75B14 in its chemical makeup. It is a wear-resistant ceramic alloy with a very low sliding friction coefficient. A record 0.04 was achieved in the AlMgB14, TiB2 composite material, and 0.02 for the AlMgB14, TiB2 composite material. In 1970, BAM reported the discovery. It is an orthogonal structure and each cell contains four B12 icosahedral units. This superhard material’s thermal expansion coefficient is comparable to that of concrete and steel.
AlMgB14 aluminum/magnesium-boride material has a better abrasion resist than diamond and is a novel anti-degradation product. AlMgB14’s density is 2.66g/cm3, which makes it much more dense than other superhard materials like diamond and cubic-boron nitride. It will not react with carbon, stainless, or titanium alloys up to 1300degC and has high thermal stability.
Aluminum Magnesium Boride BAM AlMgB14 Powder
What is the application of AlMgB14 Pulver?
BAM is available commercially, and more research is underway to find potential applications. To reduce friction between the parts and improve wear resistance, BAM, or BAM+ TiB2, can be applied to pistons, seals, and vanes of a pump. Energy consumption will be reduced by reducing friction. BAM can also apply to cutting tools. Reducing friction will decrease the force required to cut objects, extend the life of tools, and increase cutting speeds. A 2-to-3 micron thick coating can improve efficiency and reduce tool wear.
The research area of superhard materials is dominated by Ternary Boride AlMgB14 powder. It has received a lot of attention from researchers at home as well as abroad over the past years. AlMgB14 superhard metal is an alternative to traditional metastable materials like diamond and cubic-boron nitride. This material has a high hardness, low density, low friction coefficient and excellent thermoelectric properties.
AlMgB14 aluminum/magnesium-boride material has a better abrasion resist than diamond and is a novel anti-degradation product. AlMgB14’s density is 2.66g/cm3, which compares to other superhard materials such as diamond and cubic-boron nitride. It is also less reactive than carbon steel, stainless and titanium alloys, and is highly thermal stable.
AlMgB14 aluminum–magnesium boreide has a higher electrical conductivity than most other superhard materials. It is practically equivalent to polysilicon. AlMgB14 has a low price that is between 5 and 10 times those of cubic boron nuitride or diamond. AlMgB14’s excellent properties make it not only wearable.
You can use traditional skills, like cutting and protective coating, in advanced scientific areas such as photodetectors, photodetectors, neutronmasks, micromachines and key aerospace components.
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