Study on nano aluminum nitride in thermal conductive plastics

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What is aluminum Nitride? Aluminum nitride AIN crystal exhibits a wurtzite structure and is a hexagonal system that contains a tetrahedral-covalent bond compound. Chemical composition AI 65.81% and N 34.19%. Specific gravity 3.261g/cm3, white/grayish white, single crystal transparent. Sublimation temperature is 2450 under atmospheric tension. It is a heat and high temperature resistant material. Aluminum nitride can resist molten aluminium, other molten metallics, and gallium arsenide.
Performance index for aluminum nitride
(1) The thermal conductivity is high (approximately 320W/m*K), which is close to SiC. It is more than 5x higher than Al2O3
(2) Matching the thermal expansion coefficient (4.5×10-6), Si (3.54×10-6), and GaAs (6×10-6).
(3) various electrical properties (dielectric constant, dielectric loss, body resistivity, dielectric strength) excellent;
(4) The mechanical properties of BeO and Al2O3 ceramics are superior to their flexural strength. They can also be atmospheric sintered.
(5) Excellent optical transmission properties;
(6) non-toxic.

Use nano aluminum nitride for thermal conductive materials
1, Thermal conductive Silica Gel and Thermal Conductive Epoxy resin
Nano AlN composite silica Gel with high thermal conductivity is extremely efficient. It is low in consistency, has excellent construction performance, and has good thermal conductivity. These products can replace or exceed imported products, and are used extensively in electronic devices heat transfer medium, improving work efficiency. For example, CPU and radiator filling gaps, high power transistors, silicon controlled component, diodes, as well as substrate in direct contact with the thin seam heat exchange medium. Nano thermal paste is used to close the gap between IC/audion and heatsink, increase their contact area, and achieve better heat dissipation.

2, thermal conductive plastics application:
Powders of nano aluminum nitride can significantly improve the thermal conductivity. By adding the experimental product to plastic in a 5-10% ratio, the plastic’s thermal conductivity can be increased from 0.33 to 5. Thermal conductivity rose by 16 times. The thermal conductivity additive on the market today has more advantages than this one. It can be used to improve the mechanical properties and the thermal conductivity effect, as well as reduce the amount of thermal conductivity filler. Current nano aluminum Nitride powders have been purchased by relevant manufacturers on a large scale. Then, new nano thermally conductive plastics will go on the market.

3. Other areas of application:
Nano aluminum is used for smelting nonferrous metals, semiconductor gallium arsenide, crucible, evaporationboat, thermocouple protectiontube, heat insulation and microwave dielectric materials. The current application and PI resin are also available.

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