Silver Wool – The Perfect Fabric for High-Performance Projects


May 7, 2023

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silver wool is an extremely durable fabric that is both soft and highly lustrous. It also holds colors amazingly well and takes dyes with great luminosity. It is resistant to odor and repels water, which makes it perfect for high-performance fabrics like our robes. It is made from a finer wool than most commercial yarns, so it can be used for next-to-skin accessories or sweaters. It also has great elasticity and “memory” so it’s easy to create hats, mittens, socks, blankets and other projects that need some stretch and bounce. This particular blend is a 1 ply merino wool and mulberry silk blend that’s super soft and shimmers and glows with a luster that just won’t quit.

Silver is a precious metal that tarnishes easily in air containing oxygen and hydrogen sulfide, but it is stable in pure air and water. The fibers of silver wool are coated with pure metallic silver that inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabric, offering matchless odor control. This technology was previously reserved for aerospace and military applications, but now it’s available to you.

Wool felt has long been a valued material for garments, blankets, saddle cloths, carpeting and insulation. It is even the preferred surface covering for piano hammers, and it absorbs vibration, noise and odors in stereo speakers. Felt has been used in many arts, including wet and needle felting. It has been used to make armor, hats and breastplates for Roman legionnaires, and to line rifle barrels.