Selecting a Copper Crucible


Mar 12, 2023

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A copper crucible is used to melt or hold molten metal at high temperatures. They can be large vessels or built-in place liners for industrial iron or aluminum melting in primary production plants, metal casting foundries and laboratory applications.

A variety of crucible types are available for these applications, each with different characteristics and performance capabilities. Some support a broad range of metal temperatures while others are tailored to the specific alloys or end products you need.

When selecting a crucible, you and your crucible supplier will need to understand your operation well. This includes the furnaces you use, your alloys and working practices, the metallurgical treatments you perform and the pouring arrangements and end products you produce.

You also will need to select a crucible that is resistant to thermal shock. Rapid temperature changes can cause crucible liners to break, especially when a crucible is overfilled with evaporant material or subjected to harsh handling conditions.

Your crucible supplier will also be able to recommend a type of crucible that is particularly well suited for your operation. For example, if your metal treatment fluxes cause rapid changes in temperature, it may be wise to select a type of crucible that provides high thermal shock resistance.

The size and shape of the crucible is an important consideration as well. Having the right size for your operation can help to reduce the amount of fuel you use and save energy over the lifetime of the crucible.