Properties and Uses of Boron Carbide

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What is Boron Carbide?

Boron carburide (also known as black diamand) is an organic material with the molecular formula B4C. It’s a gray-black fine powder. It is among the three hardest substances known (the two others being diamond and cubic boron-nitride). It’s used in bulletproof vests, tank armor and many other industrial applications. Its Mohs hardness rating is 9.3.

Boron carbide absorbs a large amount of neutrons and does not form radioisotopes. It is therefore an ideal neutron absorption material in nuclear power plants. The neutron absorbers also control the rate at which nuclear fission occurs. Boron carbide, which is used in nuclear reactors, is mostly made into a controlled rod shape. But sometimes a powder is produced because of its larger surface area.

Due to its low density, it is a good material for lightweight armor and ceramic reinforcement phases. It is widely used in ceramic reinforcing phase, lightweight armor, neutron absorbers and other applications. As boron carbide can be easily manufactured and is less expensive than diamond and cubic Boron Nitride, it is used more often. It can be used to replace expensive diamonds at certain locations and is often used for grinding, drilling, and grinding.

Boron carbide Powder Uses

(1) The field is national defense. Bullet-proofing has been done with boron carbide ceramics since the 1960s. Comparing it to other materials, its characteristics are easy portability and high toughness. It is an important component of the lightweight armor used on armed helicopters as well as the bulletproof aircraft armor. The British used this material as a raw materials to manufacture armor that can protect against armor-piercing projectsiles.

(2) In terms chemical raw materials. To increase the wear resistance of alloy materials and their strength, boron-carbide is used as an alloying agent. This can be boronized onto the metal surface in order to form a thin iron boride layer; it can be used as the boron source for generating boride by reduction or method such as TiB2, ZrB2, CriB2, “B4C Method” to prepare boron chloride, hydrogen boride etc.

(3) Wear-resistant field. Boron carbide ceramics are visible in a number of industrial nozzles. These include desander nozzles to remove rust and nozzles designed for high-pressure water gun cutting. For factories, they are often chosen because of the long life and cost-effectiveness. . It can also be used to avoid pollution due to abrasive waste during grinding. As a diamond abrasive substitute, boron carbide can be used to reduce the cost of processing various metals as well as jade glass.

(4) Nuclear energy. Because of its excellent capacity to absorb neutrons, boron carbide is used as a neutron absorption rod, safety rods, or other components in order to regulate the rate of nuclear fission, and ensure human safety.

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