Polyoxyethylene castor oil CAS 61791-12-6


Dec 16, 2022

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Polyoxyerays oil castor oil, a yellow viscous fluid, is resistant to acids, alkali and hard water. Useful for dissolving and emulsifying oil and other water insoluble substances. Active matter content:  >=99 Information about polyoxyethylene castor oils: The EO numbers can help you to classify Polyoxyethylene Castor Oil into EL-10 (H)EL-20, EL-60 and EL-80. Water solubility and HLB values increased with increasing EO. It exhibits good emulsifying qualities. 15giorni has been a reliable global supplier of Polyoxyethylene oil. Production methods for Polyoxyethylene-coated oil . Mix 1 mol of castor oils into the reactor. Then add 0.3% solid potassium hydroxide to the reactor. Stir. After KOH is dissolved in water, heat up the reactor until it is fully heated and then inject ethylene dioxide into the reactor. Keep the temperature at 160-180 degrees and maintain pressure of 0.150.2MPa. To cool the material, it is placed in the bleaching pot. The pH of the bleaching water is set to slightly acidic. 0.1% hydrogen is also added. After 70 heat preservation cycles, the temperature is maintained at 0.5h for 5 hours. Then, decompression drying is used to cool down the material for another 5 hours. Technical Parameter Synthetic Polyoxyethylene Castor Oil s :  EL-10 EL-20 EL-30          EL-60       EL-80 EL-90      Appearance (25) Clear transparent yellow oil Light Yellow Paste Solid Light yellow Active content (%) ≥99 Cloud point(,1%) – 30 45 85-90 ≥90 – HLB 6-7 9-10 11.5-12.5 14-15.5 15.5-16.5 17 pH 5.0-7.0 Applications of HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML7_ HTML5_ L-20 or HEL-20 can both be used in spinning oil of acrylic fiber. You can use them as wetting agents, diffusers and emulsifiers. HEL-20 also has low coking properties at high temperatures. El-40 is an oil/water emulsifier that is used to make wool oil. El-40 is a good antistatic agent and works well when combined with other antistatic compounds. You can use it as an ingredient in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and many other industries. El-80 can serve as component of acrylic, PVA, polypropylene, and other chemical oil agents. With antistatic and efficacious effects, it can also be used in emulsifiers of organophosphorus pesticide, dioxin, and wool oil. This oil is used extensively in dyeing, textile printing and paint. Shipping Polyoxyethylene castor oil – Packing and Shipping Many types of packing are available, depending on how much Polyoxyethylene oil is used. Polyoxyethylene casting oil packaging: 1kg/bottle 25kg/barrel or 200kg/barrel Shipping Polyoxyethylene Castor Oil: This could be done by air or sea. Once payment has been received, shipping will begin as soon possible.

Poxyethylene castor oil properties

N/A 61791-12-6 N/A Molecular Weigh N/A Appearance Lightly yellow transparent oil, light-yellow paste and light-yellow solid Melting Point N/A Heating Point N/A Density N/A Solubility of H2O N/A Exact N/A

Safety and Health Information

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