CMMEA Coconut methyl monoethanolamide CAS 371967-96-3


Dec 15, 2022

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CMMEA Coconut methyl Monethanolamide is a plant-derived, non-ionic amide thickener that has mild properties, easy biodegradation and an environmental friendliness. About CMMEA Coconut methyl Monoethanolamide Polyoxyethylene can be broken down into EL-10 (H)EL-20, EL-60 and EL-80 according to its EO. Water solubility and HLB values increased with increasing EO. It exhibits good emulsifying qualities. 15giorni is a trusted global CMMEA Coconut methyl Monoethanolamide supplier. Product performance HTMLMEA Coconut monoethanolamide: CMMEA Coconut methyl monethanolamide is a nonionic surfactant that has very high thickening and anti-frost performance. This surfactant has excellent wetting and oil performance as well as foam stability. Technical Parameter HTMLMEA Coconut methyl monoethanolamide: Appearance Odor Anyide content (%) Amine value (mgKOH/g) pH(25,1%) Transparent liquid in light yellow A slight fatty-amine odor ≥96 ≤10.0 ≤10.0 CMMEA Coconut methyl monethanolamide . CMMEA Coconut methyl monoethanolamide, also known as CMMEA Coconut methyl monoethanolamide, is used widely in laundry detergent, shampoo and hand sanitizer. This product is particularly recommended for thickening laundry detergent products. A recommended concentration is 15%. You will need to prepare small molecule shampoo for plants using the following materials: Silicon water (ChaFu), lauryl alcohol, polyether ammonium sulfurate, lauryl ammonium sodium sulfate alternative Ye Bai thousand layer, silicon water, laurel oil amide propyl-hydroxyl, sulfobetaine and ginseng saponins. The shampoo contains concentrated tea bran, as well as other plant nutrients like tea seed oil and tea tree hydrosol. This shampoo contains plant nutrients that nourish hair and scalp. It can moisturize, adjust and purify the scalp. The scalp can be stimulated by it, and the oil-water balance of the hair scalp is adjusted. It also promotes hair’s vitality. A suspended particle hand soap is prepared from the following main components: sodium lauryl sulfate (15-30 parts), cocamide–methyl MEA–0.2 parts; cocamide–propyl betaine 0.03-3 parts. Acrylic (ester) copolymer 4–10 parts. PEG-7 glycerol coco mate 0.1-2 Parts. Tea tree essential oil 0.1-2 Parts. Thickener 0.3-0.6 parts. Preservative 0.1-0.4 pieces. Chelteating agent 0.1–0.5 parts. The invention’s suspension particle hand soap has a mild formulation, unique skincare, nutrition and environmental protection. No essence was added. Shipping and Packing of CMMEA Coconut methyl monethanolamide . Many types of packing are available depending on the CMMEA Coconut methyl monethanolamide volume. CMMEA Coconut methyl monethanolamide packaging: 1kg/bottle. 25kg/barrel or 200kg/barrel. CMMEA Coconut methyl monethanolamide shipping: Could be sent by sea, air or express once payment receipt has been received.

CMMEA Coconut methyl Monoethanolamide Properties

N/A 371967-96-3 RCON(CH3)CH2CH2OH  Molecular Weight N/A Appearance Transparent liquid in light yellow Melting Point N/A Heating Point N/A Density N/A Solubility of H2O N/A Exact N/A

CMMEA Coconut methyl Monoethanolamide Safety & Health Information

N/A Hazard Statements N/A Hazard Codes N/A Risk Codes N/A Security Statements N/A Transport Information N/A
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