Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Concrete Water Reducer


Dec 17, 2022

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As concrete water reducer or polyoxyethyleneether macromonomer it is the new generation polycarboxylate polycarboxylate supraplasticizer. It is composed of radical polymerization, unsaturated fatty acid and polyoxyethyleneether monomer. There are two types of polyoxyethylene ether macromonomer, unsaturated acid and sulfonic acid group monomer by radical polymerization. As concrete water reducer, Polyoxyethylene ether superplasticizer or polycarboxylate is a new form of polycarboxylate. It is made from polyoxyethylene.ether macromonomer. Unsaturated acid. Sulfonic Acid Group Monomer. By radical polymerization. Polycarboxylateether superplasticizer has high moisture reduction as well low slump losses. This superplasticizer can also be used for commercial concrete, superfluid concrete self-compacting concrete, high-strength concrete high-performance concrete and pumped concrete. Technical principle of superplasticizers admixture A comb-shaped polyoxyethylene long chain structure and high density sulfonic acid group in the molecule gives cement greater dispersion. Superplasticizer Admixtures (1) Superplasticizer additive offers great dispersibility and an extremely high water rate (water reduce rate can reach over 35%), which gives concrete a guaranteed high-grade finish. (2) Hydrocarbonylate superplasticizer, is an important concrete ingredient. The Superplasticizer admixture has the ability to reduce the concrete’s viscosity. Concrete can also be pumped with moderate cohesion. (3) The concrete made from water-reducing admixtures has high strength for all ages, great volume stability and outstanding resistance to corrosion. (4) Superplasticizer Amixturesallows for wide compatibility with Portland cement, ordinary Portland, and fly ash cement as well as other admixtures. Superplasticizer dosage in concrete The average dosage ranges from 0.5%-1.0%. It should also be calculated based on total cementitious matter. The water decreasing agent may be used in water alone or mixed with concrete. You can combine it with high polycarboxylate, lignosulfonate and various other retarders. You can learn from the company’s complete collection of compounding and usage technologies. You can get help from engineers if you have any difficulties. The application of concrete superplasticizer Concrete, cast in-place concrete. Precast concrete. This material is excellent for use in low-grade commercial concrete. Concrete Superplasticizer may be used extensively in important and large national projects such as nuclear power, high-speed railways, radioactive waste management, transportation, bridges, harbours, wharfs, and large-scale construction. Concrete Admixture Superplasticizer has been approved for use in various civil and industrial constructions as well as commercial concrete batching facilities. Storage and packaging of concrete superplasticizer The liquids of c and concrete admixture Superplasticizer are sealed in 200 kg or 1000 kg barrels. Anti-leakage. The shelf life for the product is 1 year. However, it cannot be used before passing inspection.
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