Concrete Foaming Agent Lightweight Concrete Solutions


Dec 21, 2022

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This cement foaming agent, made from animal protein-based cement, is mostly composed of keratin, which comes from the horns. Because of its unpleasant smell, it is not recommended for use. It is produced by a series chemical reactions combined with physical treatment. Concrete foaming agent description An animal protein-based foaming material is made up of selected animal protein, such as keratin, by a variety of hydrolysis and heat dissolution, dilution and high temperature shrinkage. Foaming agent made of animal protein is manufactured with the most modern equipment, and it is managed strictly for quality. An animal protein-based cement foaming agent has dark brown viscous liquid.

Parameters to concrete foaming material:

Parameter 40% Advertisement amount ($kg/m3) 0.75-1.5 Multiple 30 Default rate (ml) 27 Apperance liquid These are the advantages of concrete foaming. Animal protein-based concrete foaming agent offers the most performance. Most of the foamed foams are stable after being exposed for at least 24 hours. This is due to the hard and elastic bubble liquid film that is formed from the keratin. You can press it with external force. However, it will instantly return to the original state. So, pores produced by foam concrete have a majority of their pores being closed spherical. Because the foam has small dimensions and is stable, it can be used to make ultra low density foam concrete. This foamed concrete has high strength and pouring stability. It’s an innovative cement foaming ingredient that is environmentally friendly. This foaming ingredient has been used extensively in Japan. Korea. The United States. Italy. Application protein-based concrete foaming material: Lightweight concrete production

Insulation lightweight Block, blocks . Wallboard Production

Heated and sound-insulated floor

Web-based non-load-bearing wall panels

Cement orĀ gypsum board

Prevent landslides

Underground drainage filling

Ice under bridges and roads

Tunnel and shaft filling

Thermoplastic insulation with foamed polystyrene particles

Pearl Rock Cream Mix

Steel structure for lightweight insulation.

Load bearing wall for single-story buildings

Kit of concrete foaming agent:

Protein-based foaming agent must be tightly sealed at room temperature. IBC Tank. Storage life for protein-based foaming Agent Summer: 6 month Winter: 12 month Shipping method used for foaming agent made from protein All samples can be shipped by FedEx or DHL. Shipment by sea of bulk protein-based foaming product Suppliers concrete foaming agent: 3pdm (LDCC), Celluar Light Concrete CLC (CLC) is the worldwide leader in Low Density Cellular Concrete. Our company is known worldwide for being a leader in engineered foam solutions.
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