Photothermal therapy of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles and their custom synthesized composite materials


Aug 31, 2023

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Fe3O4 The nanoparticles used in biomedicine are characterized by their high magnetic saturation and biocompatibility. Recently, Fe3O4 Nanoparticles attracted researchers’ attention as a type of new photothermal reagent.Fe3O4 (microspheres) clusters, compared to Fe3O4 with the same crystallization, have a superior photothermal effect. This is due in part to their stronger absorption functions within the near-infrared spectrum. Fe3O4 Microspheres also showed a greater photothermal treatment under near-infrared lights.
The photothermal properties can be further explored by utilizing Fe3O4 Researchers have found that with increasing storage time, Fe3O4 is partially oxidized to Fe2O3. They also discovered that polymer ligands are more protective than small molecule ligands. Fe3O4 becomes partially oxidized with the increase in storage time. Research has shown that polymer molecules have a greater protective effect than small molecule compounds and also have a strong anti-oxidation capability.

By oxidatively self-polymerizing dopamine (PDA), a composite core-shell microsphere structure with high biocompatibility is created by using Fe3O4 nanospheres as the core. The composite microspheres exhibit greater photothermal effects and absorption near infrared compared to Fe3O4 Microspheres. Both the near infrared absorption of Fe3O4&PDA Composite Microspheres and the photothermal effect increase with an increase in the thickness of PDA.
The nanoparticles will enter the blood and combine with different proteins, creating a protein crown. This is then absorbed and eliminated by phagocytes, the mononuclear system and the reticuloendothelial systems. Biomimetic technology was used to create the Fe3O4 The microspheres have been coated with membranes of red blood cells (RBCs), which greatly improves their long circulation in the body. They are then able to enhance the effect of photothermal therapy on the animal.
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