Performance And Property of Nitinol- A Metal with Memory


Aug 14, 2023

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Nitinol It is made of shape memory alloy. This is a special metal alloy that, at a given temperature, can return to its original plastic deformation.
Memory alloys have many other excellent qualities, such as corrosion resistance, high damping or super elasticity, in addition to their unique shape memory.

What is Nitinol Performance?
As its name implies, nickel-titanium powder is a binary metal powder that is composed of both nickel and titanium. The austenite phase, and the martensite phases are different due to changes in temperature or mechanical pressure. The order of phase transformation during nickel-titanium alloys cooling is parent-R-martensite. The R phase has a rhombohedral shape, while the austenite cubes become hard and brittle when temperatures are high or when a load is removed. The shape of the material is relatively stable. The martensite is the state of a material at relatively low temperatures, or under loads. It has a hexagonal form and is ductile and repeatable.

What are the special properties of Nitinol?
Shape memory: Shape memory occurs when a parent phase is cooled to a temperature lower than Mf from a temperature above Af. This martensite phase is then deformed and heated back up to Af. The material will automatically revert to its parent phase.

Superelasticity: The term superelasticity describes the phenomenon in which a sample is strained beyond its elastic limit strain when subjected to external forces, but the strain automatically returns after the force has been removed.
Sensitivity of orthodontic wires to temperature changes: The orthodontic power and strength of CoCr orthopedic wires is not significantly affected by temperature.

Corrosion resistance According to recent studies, the corrosion resistance between stainless steel and nickel-titanium is almost identical.

Anti-toxicity: Nitinol has a special composition. This is because it is atomic, like Nitinol. It contains around 50% nickel. Nickel can cause cancer.

Gentle orthodontic power currently commercially used orthopedic wires include austenitic stainless steel wires, cobalt-chromium-nickel alloy wires, nickel-chromium alloy wires, Australian alloy wires, gold alloy wires and nickel-titanium alloy wires.
Good shock-absorbing characteristics: The greater vibrations of the archwire due to chewing or night molars will cause more damage to the roots and periodontal tissues.

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