Niobium Sheet and Plate


Apr 14, 2023 ,

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niobium sheet is a great choice for aerospace, chemical, medical and electronics applications. The material is resistant to corrosion and oxidation and has good cold-working performance.

niobium sheets are available in thicknesses of 0.0005 inches to 2 inches. They can be cut, milled or rolled to meet Military Specs and custom specifications.

Admat Inc, Norristown, PA USA offers niobium sheets in pure, alloy and oxide forms for a variety of uses including sputtering targets, nuclear reactors, gas pipelines, jet engines, chemical processing equipment, superconductor magnets, optical target materials, turbine blades, medical treatment, refrigeration, etc.

The metal is ductile and slow to work harden, allowing it to be hand formed, dapped, chased, forged or rolled in a range of temperatures from low to high. It has moderate density-about a third that of gold, twice that of titanium and 10 percent greater than iron.

These sheets are also known for their excellent resistance to heat-treating and annealing. They are used in a wide range of aerospace, chemical and electronic applications due to their high melting point and corrosion resistance.

Western Alloys offers niobium sheet and plate in pure (C-103), niobium-hafnium, niobium-titanium and niobium-zirconium. These sheets are stocked and shipped to our customers worldwide.

The metal is also a popular choice for jewelry designers due to its lustrous luster, hypoallergenic properties and ability to take on a variety of colors through electrolysis. For example, it is used to make anodized niobium and titanium coins, which are a nice way to show off the metal’s properties without sacrificing its durability.