Nickel Powder


Apr 14, 2023 , ,

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Nickel powder, often referred to as nickel metal powder, is a high-quality metallurgy alloy that provides chemical corrosion resistance for petrochemicals and other heavy duty applications. It is a versatile powder used for diamond tools, products, hard alloys, batteries, electrical and electronic, magnetic materials, conductive materials, and a variety of other applications.

The ni powder is produced by a number of different processes depending on the particle size and morphology required. The most common process is called the Nickel Carbonyl process and involves heating solid nickel to produce a mixture of nickel carbonyl gas and nickel metal. This nickel-carbonyl gas is then decomposed to provide pure nickel metal and carbon monoxide.

ni powder is a dense powder that can be difficult to screen because of its high-aspect, angular particles that can easily blind screens and overload them. It is also difficult to sieve because it tends to have a porous texture and looks like coral which can make it difficult to see through the screen.

Advantages of the ni powder include its excellent chemical resistance, low melting point and excellent tensile strength. It is an effective microalloy element that improves the strength of steels. It is also a very good choice for nickel-based superalloys and other nickel-based corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant alloys.

Powder material processing includes compression, compaction, densification and sintering of powders in order to form various components from the powder including discs, monoliths, layers or tablets. The process can be a dry or wet process.