Is titanium nitride a good coating?


Mar 3, 2023 ,

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Nitride properties titaniumium nitride molecular mass 61.874g/mol
Extremely durable. It is crystallized in a manner similar to sodium chloride.
It has high mechanical strength.
Titanium Nitride melting point is around 2947°C. It is compatible with equipment and appliances that are able to withstand extreme temperatures.
It resists the reactions with bases and acids.
It is biocompatible with animals and humans. Therefore it doesn’t react with any body fluids.

Can titanium nitride be used as a coating?
The Titanium Nitride (TiN), coating is versatile because it has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, and many other properties.
TiN is used in a variety of applications, including as a PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating for titanium alloys, carbonide, and aluminum parts to improve substrate surface properties.
TiN can be used as a thin layer to protect and harden cut and sliding surfaces. TiN’s golden appearance is also decorative.

Is titanium nitride strong?
Titanium nitride ceramic is extremely tough and has a Vickers hardness range of 1800-2100.

Why is Titanium Nitride useful?
Jewelry: Titanium nutride looks very similar to the color of gold and is yellowish. But it’s much more affordable than gold. The ideal material for coating jewellery is it. The jewelry has a stunning gold appearance, but at a reduced price.

Medicine: TiN’s biocompatibility means that it can be used in a wide range of medical instruments. FDA guidelines state that it’s safe to use and can produce things like surgical blades, orthopedic bone saws, and medical implants.

Bioelectronics. Titanium nitride can be used to cover many electrodes that are used in bioelectronics. Implants and biosensors are some of the devices. This is possible because TiN doesn’t corrode when it comes in contact with bodily fluids. It’s less volatile than many other metals.

Plastic packaging: Titanium dioxide is considered a Nanomaterial. The quality of nanomaterials is well-known. These materials create a barrier that prevents gas exchange between the packaged food and its environment. This increases the shelf-life of foods, including fruits and vegetables. Also, it releases ions that give plastic packaging materials antibacterial properties.

Titanium nitride can increase the life expectancy of your tool. The tool can be extended by as much as three to four times. TiN is strong and durable, as well as heat resistant. TiN cutting tools have sharper edges compared to those made from carbon steel.

TiN offers lubrication for sliding surface. TiN is a great choice for coating sliding surfaces. This sliding surface is resistant to wear. The coefficient of friction is also low on these tools.

Prices for Titanium Nitride
Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market and industry trends. Economic activity and market sentiment are also important.
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