How useful is the new MAX phase ceramics?


Sep 3, 2023

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What is MAX phase? MAX phase (including Ti3SiC2, Ti2AlC , etc.) It is a newly developed machinable material. This material includes over fifty types of ternary carbides and nitrides. M represents a metal transition element; A represents an element of the main group; and X represents either nitrogen or carbon. The basic chemical equation can be written as M(n+1 )AXn. Ti3SiC2 was the most studied.
How can MAX phase materials synthesized be?
The hot pressing method was used by the Drexel University, Drexel, in 1996 to synthesize Ti3SiC2. This material has excellent properties. The unique nano-layered crystalline structure of this material gives it properties like self-lubrication, high toughness and conductivity. They can be used for high-temperature structure materials, electrode brush material, chemical anticorrosion material, and high temperature heating materials. In Japan, Europe and China, extensive research has been carried out on this material type since 1996.

Nb2Alc powder: introduction
The largest phase ceramic, which is Nb2Alc Powder, is a new type conductive ceramic that can be processed. This ceramic is composed of more than 60 ternary compounds or nitRIDEs. A is a group element, usually elements in the third or fourth group; X is carbon or nitrogen. Niobium Aluminum Carbide, or NBC, is a new ceramic material that combines metal and ceramic advantages. Nb2Alc has excellent mechanical characteristics at high temperature.

How is Nb2AlC produced?
1. Mix niobium, aluminum, and carbon powders and weigh them;
2. To obtain Nb2AlC powder, put the mixed powder in a graphite boat. Next, fill the reactor with inert, fire it up, let it self-diffusion react, pulverize it, cool it down, sieve it, and then dry it. The method provides a fast reaction time, a short synthesis period, low energy consumption and low costs, as well as high production efficiency. The Nb2Alc Ceramic Powder obtained by this invention can be applied in the aviation, electronics, nuclear, and aerospace industries.

Nb2AlC powder: Storage conditions
Group gathering can affect the dispersion and use the Nb2AlC Powder. The niobium aluminium carbide Nb2AlC should be kept in a cool, dry place and sealed in vacuum. Niobium aluminum carburide is not suitable for use. Air exposure. In addition, avoid using Nb2AlC powder under stress.

Prices of MAX Phase Powder
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