How many chemical additives are in concrete today


Sep 22, 2023

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In today’s world of concrete, a wide variety of chemical additives, each with its characteristics, play an important role in improving concrete performance and ensuring the quality of construction. Here are a few common chemical additives and their benefits.

Cement water reducing agent

It can effectively improve the strength of concrete and reduce the amount of cement while maintaining the fluidity of concrete. Cement water-reducing agents are categorized into conventional and high-performance types. A conventional type is suitable for ordinary concrete, while a high-performance type is suitable for special projects, such as high-strength concrete and self-compacting concrete.


Retarder can effectively slow down the setting time of concrete and make the construction process more flexible. Due to the long construction time in large-scale projects, retarders can effectively control the setting speed of concrete to ensure smooth construction progress.

Early-strengthening agent

Early-strengthening agents accelerate the hardening process of concrete, allowing it to reach a certain strength in a relatively short period. This is very useful in projects that need to be constructed quickly or need to be put into use as soon as possible. Using early-strength agents can improve the project’s progress and shorten the construction period.

Waterproofing agent

Waterproofing agents can improve the impermeability of concrete, prevent water penetration, and protect the durability of concrete structures. Waterproofing agents can be divided into two types: surface waterproofing agents and deep waterproofing agents. Choose the appropriate waterproofing agent according to your specific needs.