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Dec 12, 2022

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Potassium Myristate is finely crystalline white, and is easily soluble both in hot and cold water. It can also be used in organic solvents as well, including ether and cold ethanol. You can use it to lubricate, disperse and emulsify. Product name: Potassium Myristate Molecular formula: CH3CH212COOK Potassium Myristate Properties Potassium meristate (CAS. 13429-27-1) is finely ground crystal. PotassiumMyristate: Potassium myristate is a fine crystal-like white material that can dissolve in warm water or hot ethanol. However, it will not dissolve in cold alcohol and other organic solvents. The product has excellent lubrication. It also disperses well and can be emulsified. Potassium myristate is used in food as an additive. As a binding agent, emulsifier or anti-caking agent. Fatty acids salt are an anionic type of surfactant. Potassium Myristate offers long-lasting antibacterial properties against Streptococcus mutants. Potassium Myristate may be used in detergents. It can also be used as an ingredient to soap. Potassium Myristate how is it made? Potassium Myristate (also known as potassium hydroxide) is usually made with coconut oil. Potassium Myristate HTML3_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML7_ HTML8_ HTML9_ HTML10_ HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML6_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML7_ HTML8_ HTML6_ HTML3_ HTML3_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML5_ HTML7_ HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML3_ Potassium Myristate acts as a cleanser, and it can also stimulate sensitive skin. It can have a stimulatory effect on eyes, skin, and is capable of dispersing, dispersing, lubricating, and foaming. Potassium Myristate (cosmetics, skincare products) plays the principal role as surfactant and foaming agent. This is a relatively low-risk product that can be used for all purposes.

Technical Daten of Potassium Miristate:

– Testing item

Testing standard


white fine powder

Acid Value



dry loss.


heavy metal(in Pb), %


arsenic, %


content, %


Packing & Shipping of PotassiumMyristate There are many packing options available that depend on the level of potassium myristate. Potassium myristate packing 20kg/bag. Shipping potassium myristate in can take place by sea, air and express once the payment is received.

Potassium Myristate Properties

Potassium Myristate 13429-27-1 CH3(CH2)12COOK Molecular Weigh N/A Appearance Fine Crystal Powder Melting Point N/A Solubility into water N/A Density N/A N/A N/A Boling off N/A N/A Heat Conductivity N/A Thermal Expansion N/A Young Modulus N/A Exact N/A Monoisotopic N/A

PotassiumMyristate Safety & Security Information

Safety Warning N/A Hazard Statements N/A Flashing point N/A Hazard Codes N/A Risk Codes N/A Safety Declarations N/A N/A Transport Information N/A Germany N/A
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