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Dec 14, 2022

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MoDTP refers to liquid organic Molybdenum friction fixing, anti-wear and extreme pressure. It is also an anti-oxidant additive used in internal combustion engine oils. Mo % 8.5-10 S %:  >9.0 Molybdenum Dithiophosphate MoDTP In reciprocating sliding situations, the molybdenum dimithiophosphate(MODTP) additive has wear and friction properties. MODTP additive is not suitable for oil based on paraffin but works for engine oils containing PSM compounds like zinc dialkyldithiophosphate. It was possible to make base oil as well as engine oil by adding P-O, S compounds and MODTP. A molybdenum surface film with iron dithiophosphate contains mainly molybdenum sodium and iron peroxide, while molybdenum trioxide or iron phosphate are found below. Study of the wear and friction properties of MODTC (molybdenum-dithiocarbamate) and MODTP was done under reciprocating sliding conditions. MODTC and MODTP have been tested in reciprocating sliding conditions to determine their friction and wear properties. Molybdenum Dithiophosphate (liquid MoDTP) CAS 72030-25-2 – Product introduction Molybdenum dialkyldithiophosphate(MoDTP) is an oil-soluble liquid organic molybdenum molybdenum antioxidation additive synthesized by advanced technology. You can use liquid MoDTP in your internal combustion engine oil and gear oil. Reduces friction surface friction and wear. Also, has good high temperature anti-oxidant properties.

Chemical characteristic of Molybdenum Dithiophosphate fluid MoDTP.

Product title: Molybdenum Dithiophosphate Named after liquid MoDTP Color: brown liquid density (g/cm315 )? 1.0-1.05 Kinetic viscosity (100 mm2/s ) 7.0-15.0 Flash point (open cup): >130 Mo 8.5-10.0 Sulphur >9.0 Plasma % >3.0 Solubility Quickly soluble in both mineral oil and synthetic petroleum How is Molybdenum Dithiophosphate MoDTP made? MODTP Synthesis Process includes: Thiophosphating reactions (preparation dialkyl orthophosphoric) Molybdenum acidsification (making molybdenum dioxide dissolve in an insufficient level of sodium hydroxide & sulfuric Acid); Preparation thiomolybdate; (sodium-molybdate and sodium-hydride sulfur reaction). Saponification reaction: reaction of orthophosphoric with molybdate/thiomolybdate; extractive vacuum distillation (extraction the Emperor reaction product with petroleum ether, or hexane at an appropriate boiling level and finally decompression evaporation hexane). Molybdenum Dithiophosphate MoDTP HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML3_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML7_ HTML8_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML5_ HTML3_ HTML5_ HTML7_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML3_ HTML5_ HTML3_ Thiophosphates complexes with different metals give lubricating fluid anti-wear characteristics, as well as anti-oxidation, extreme pressure and anti-friction. We have synthesized four molybdenum-dialkyl thiophosphates complexes that range in alkyl chain length from C5 to C10. They possess antifriction, antiwear, and antioxidation properties in finished oil, base oil, and mineral oils. The synthetic product can withstand friction, wear, and oxygenation with a similar resistance as commercial MODTP. Molybdenum Dithiophosphate or MODTP is used for oil, grease, and industrial oils. The recommended dose is between 0.2-1.0% Molybdenum Dithiophosphate liquid MoDTP Security Statement

These products are not considered dangerous and can be transported via land, sea, or air. They also have the ability to store in dry, ventilated and clean warehouses.

Molybdenum Dithiophosphate MoDTP packaging

Net Weight 25 kg/drum 50 kg/drum and 20 kg/drum

This can be customized to fit the needs of each customer.
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