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Nov 21, 2022

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Vanadium carbide is very versatile in its use as an electrical and thermal conductor. Purity: 99% Size:325mesh Vanadium Carbide VC Flourishing Powder vanadium carbide‘ is an inorganic chemical. Vanadium-carbid formula refers to VC. Black cubic crystals. Vanadium-carbid melting Point Is 2810°C. Vanadium-carbid Boiling point Is 3900°C.The relative density for this material is 5.77. Hardness 9-9.5 Moher is slightly higher than quartz. It is possibly the most difficult known metal carbide. Vanadium carbide is commonly found within vanadium metallics and their alloys. Vanadium Pentoxide is reduced to form vanadium carbide using coke. This substance is used to make vanadium stainless steel. Also used for adding cemented carbide to cemented caride. It shares the same crystal structure as vanadiummonoxide and crystallizes inside the rock salt. VC, VO and VC can both be dissolved together so VC samples will often include oxide impurities. It is created by heating vanadiumoxide and carbon at a temperature about 1000°C. But, at higher temperatures it can become V2C. For bulk Vanadium carbide powder orders, feel free to email an inquiry. Performance of of of Vanadium Carbide VC Powder : Vanadium carbide,Chemical name VC. Molecular weight 62.95, Carbon 19.08%. Density 5.41g/cm3. Melting temperature 2800oC. Boiling temperature 3900oC. Vanadium Carbide is a metallic gray powder that has a cubical system of NaCl. The crystallinity is 4.18A. It has exceptional high-temperature properties and is chemically solid. It is useful in steel cutting, and can also be used as an ingredient to make WC cemented carbid crystals. This will increase the alloy’s property. Vanadium carbide powder technical parameters – ITEM Chemical composition (%) – Particle Size VC Powder 99 19 0.03 0.05 0.4 0.2 325 How are Vanadium Carbide VC Powders made? 1.Complete your carbon powder, and then the vanadium dioxide. Prepare the carbonized vanadium at an oven temperature of 1300 degrees C. 2.Pure VC could be prepared by using the gas-phase react method. This hydrogen-containing, tetrachloride VCL4 vapor can also be used to make hydrocarbon gas such as methane (benzene), etc. The hydrogen-containing tetrachloride VCl4 vapor and hydrocarbon gas (methane, benzene etc.) are connected to the tungsten cable. It then is heated. Keep the temperature of tungsten steel wire at or below 1400°C. This will prevent metal vanadium, tungsten and other wires from being formed during the initial stage. Once a thick VC layer forms, it should be raised to 2000 °C in order to complete the carbonization. You will see a gray-white crystal after the precipitation. 3. Preparation by metallic vanadium. Place the aluminum vanadium, hydrogenated vanadium, and carbon in a bowl. Mixing the metal under pressure of 3 tonnes/cm 2 results in vanadium being pressed at a rate of 1 ton/cm2. After the pressurized powder has been mixed with high pressure (about 1-33322Pa), it is placed in a graphitecrucible. It is heated to 1800 2000 °C, then maintained at that temperature for approximately 1 h. ).  4. Choose a reduction strategy. It is possible to prepare the carbonized Vanadium by thoroughly mixing it with vanadium dioxide. Vanadium (VC) Powder: Vanadium carbide can be used in many ways. Addition of vanadium carbide to steel can make steel more resistant, stronger, harder, and tougher. Also, it can be used in wear-resistant materials for different types of cutting tools. Vanadium carbide, which has high activity, selectivity, and is resistant to poisoning in hydrocarbon reaction, is widely used to be a novel catalyst. Vanadium carbide can also serve as a new source of carbon for the manufacture of diamond. Vanadium carbide plays an essential role in cemented carbide (cermet) as it can inhibit the growth of WC grain during sintering. Vanadium carbide is used in cemented carbide as an additif. The carbide crystals are refined and the inserts have an increased hardness. Vanadium carbide, which has the potential to significantly enhance alloy properties, is used as a grain refiner for cemented-carbide, cutting tools and steelmaking. Vanadium carbide is used to make wear-resistant films, semiconductor films and hard alloys. Storage Conditon of Vanadium Carbide-VC Powder – Vanadium carbide VC powder needs to be kept cool and dry. Packing & Shipping of Vanadium Carbide VC & Powder : This item is packaged in double plastic bags. Vanadium carbide VC powder packaging: vacuum packing 100g,500g or 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel. Vanadium carbide VC Powder shipping : Shipments can be made by sea, express, and air as soon as the payment is received. 3pdm Advanced Material. With over twelve years of industry experience, (3pdm), a reliable global chemical material manufacturer, supplier, and manufacturer, provides super-high quality chemicals and nanomaterials. You can contact us to request vanadium caride powder. (brad@ihpa.net)

Vanadium Carbide Properties

vanadium(IV), Vanadium monocarbide. VC powder 12070-10-9 62.95 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point 2810 °C Boiling Point N/A Density 5.77 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Exact 66.975266

vanadium carbide safety and health information

Warning Hazard Statements H228-H315-H319-H335 Hazard Codes F. Xi Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A Transport Information UN3178 4.1/PGIII
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