High Purity Titanium Silicide TiSi2 Powder CAS 12039-83-7, 99.5%


Dec 25, 2022

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It is also called titanium disilicide. The chemical formula for its powder TiSi2 silicide. A chemical substance with a molecularweight of 116.1333, titanium silicide can be described as a chemical compound. Purity: 99% Particle Size: 5-10um The Titanium Silicide TiSi2 Pulver: Large integrated circuits are rapidly developing (ULSI). As a result, equipment sizes and requirements have become smaller. Presently, the width of the wire in the semiconductor device is less than 0.1 millimeters, making it impossible for a conductor to be continuous with low resistance. For circuit metallization improvement or replacement, we need new materials, processes and deposition systems. Metal silicon, which has high conductivity and stability at high temperatures, is becoming more popular in these materials. It can be used with microelectronic manufacturing. Titanium Diilicide exhibits low resistance, good temperature stability and excellent strength. The Metal Silicide has been studied extensively. It includes TiSi2 and Nisi. Cosi2, WSi2, TaSi2, MOSi2. Silicon silicide, TiSi2, is known for its ideal properties: good selectivity, high conductivity. Si Adsorption is good. Good process adaptation to silicon adaptive connection parameters. The integrated circuit device uses titanium Silicide TiSi2 to create a metal dioxide semiconductor (MOS), MOSFET, and dynamic random access memory. Gates, leakage, mutual contact, and other parameters are all possible. To obtain the most current price for Titanium Silicide, TiSi2 Powder please feel free to submit an inquiry. Characteristics for Titanium Silicide TiSi2 Puffer: This titanium silicide TiSi2 Powder (CAS 12039-83-7) has a high melt point, high corrosion resistance. high oxidation resistivity. A binary alloy systemthe intermediatephase. Technical Parameters of Titanium Silicide Powder TiSi2: Product name Purity Particle Size Melting Point Density Silicide TiSi2 99% 5-10um 1620 4.0 g/cm3 black Chemical composition of Titanium Silicide TiSi2 Puffer: TiSi2 Ti Si Fe >99% 46.32% 52.5% 0.02% 0.02% 0.19% 0.01% What is Molybdenum Silicide MoSi2 Puffer? You can make di silicide by reacting titanium with hydride or silicon. Ti + 2 Si → Tisi2 Aluminum heat can also be performed by the ignition of aluminum powder, sulfur, silica and titanium dioxide or hexafluoritititoetice, by electrolysis of hexafluoride titanate and titanium dioxide, or through tetrachloride reaction. Reacting with titanium tetrachloride can be used to produce silane, dicloronilane and silicon. TiCl4 + 2 SiH4 → Tisi2 + 4 HCl + 2 H2 TiCl4 + 2 SiH2Cl2 + 2 H2 → Tisi2 + 8 HCL TiCl4 + 3 Si → Tisi2 + SiCL4 Molybdenum Siliconicide MoSi2 HTML4_ HTML5_ Powder: In the semiconductor industry, titanium silicide is utilized. The sheet resistance of the local transistor connections is reduced by growing it using salicide technology. It is used most often in the C54 Phase of microelectronics. 1. Silicide Titanide’s melting point and low cost are high. The chemical properties of Silicide Titanide make it a versatile material with many applications in the field of microelectronics. 2. Aerospace Industry, Ship Submarine Manufacturing, Medical, Jewelery Manufacturing. Shipping and Packing of Titanium Silicide TiSi2 powder – Based on TiSi2 Powder quantity, we offer many packing options. Packing of Titanium silicide TiSi2 dust: vacuum, 100g to 500g or 1kg/bag for 25kg/barrel. Or as you request. Shipping Titanium silicide TiSi2 sulfate powder: could ship out by sea or by air as soon as payment receipt is received. Advanced material 15giorni. Global chemical supplier and manufacturer (15giorni), has over 12 years of experience providing high-quality chemicals. Send us an enquiry if you’re looking for TiSi2 Powder of high quality. (brad@ihpa.net)

Titanium Silicide Properties

TiSi2 titanium powder, disilicide 12039-83-7 TiSi2 Molecular Weigh 104.04 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point 1470 °C Heating Point N/A Density 4.02 g/cm3 Solubility of H2O N/A Exact 103.9018

Titanium Boride Safety & Healthcare Information

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