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Jan 2, 2023

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Tantalum Carbide is a yellow-brown metal-like cubic powder. This belongs to the sodium chloride cubic crystal systems. At this time, tantalum carbide is also used to prevent cemented-carbid sintered grain growth. Particle size: -325m Tantalum carbide TaC Powder The metallic cubic, crystalline, and sterile tantalum carbide forms a binary chemical family that includes carbon and tantalum. These ceramics are extremely hard and fragile with metallic conductivity. They can appear as brownish-gray lumps. It can be classified as a cubic crystal of sodium chloride. With a density in excess of 14.3g/cm3, tantalum carbide also serves as a cemented-carbidide sintered grain grow inhibitor. Tantalum Carbide is insoluble and not readily soluble. A strong resistence to oxidation, it can easily be melted and broken down by potassiumpyrosulfate. Tantalum pyrosulfate has superconducting and high electrical conductivity. Tantalum carbide has many uses, including in powder metallurgy. Tantalum carbidide has a golden yellow body that can be used in watch ornaments. It is composed of many ions, metals, covalent contributions and complex bonds. Tantalum carbide and its carbon atoms form a bond that’s extremely strong due to their covalent parts. TaC’s microhardness is between 1600-2500 kg/mm2 (9H), with an elastic modulus at 285gPa. For tantalum the equivalent values are 110kg/mm2/186gPa. TAC is high in carbon which causes TAC to have higher hardness, yield stresses and shear stress. Tintalum carbide, an important cermet ingredient, is occasionally added to the commercially available tungsten-carbidide alloy in order to make it more efficient for cutting. Tantalum carbide melting points. This number is highest among binary compounds. Only tantalum carbide ha can melt at a higher temperature, around 3942°C. While carbide clam has an equivalent melting point to TaC. For Tantalum carbide powder wholesale, feel free to contact us to obtain the Tantalum Carbaide Price. Technical parameters Tantalum cide TaC dust CAS No. 12070-06-3 TaC powder with Tantalum carbide TaC true Density: 13.9g/cm3 2.75g/cm3 Bulk density for Tantalum carbide TaC (TaC) powder Crystal Structure: Cubic Tantalum carbide TaC poultry TaC powder Tantalum Caride APS: 1000 nm. Can be customized Tantalum carbonide TaC SSA: 15. m2/g TaC powder Purity of Tantalum carbide: 99+% TaC powder TaTtalum carbide Solubility water: insoluble TaC powder: Tantalum carbide TaC appears as a black-gray odorless product














Tantalum carbide Properties: Tantalum carbide TaC is a very hard (Mohshardness 9-10) refractory Ceramic material. This material can be found in tools bits to help you cut your tool. Diamond exceeds the hardness. It is an important cermet, a dense, dark brown powder which can usually be sintered. This ingredient is occasionally used to enhance tungsten caride alloys with fine-crystalline crystals. Tantalum carbide, the most stoichiometric binary compounds, has the highest known melting points at 4150K (3880°C), as well the highest boiling point at 5500°C. TaC0.89 substoichiometric substance has a much higher melting point (near 4270 K) (4000°C). In what way is Tantalum Carbide TaC Powder manufactured? Tac powder with the desired composition can be made using either heating or graphite powder. It was heated to a temperature around 2000 ° C by using an arc melting furnace. Alternate technology uses carbon tantalum to reduce it in a vacuum (or hydrogen atmosphere) at 1500-1700° C. It lacks thermometrically controllable control. TAC by direct production can be made from the components using high-temperature selfpropagating synthesis. Tantalum Carbide Uses: Tantalum Carbide is used primarily in the manufacture of carbide, capacitors as well as electronic and high-temperature components. For enhanced physical properties in the sintering structure, carbides are usually added to tungsten/cobalt/cobalt WC/CO powder wear. Tantalum Carbid also acts as a grain inhibitor, stopping large particles from becoming a material with the desired hardness. It can be used for coatings on steel molds when aluminum alloy injection molding uses it. It not only provides wear-resistant hard surfaces but it is also low in friction. It is also possible to use carbides in order to produce instruments of extreme hardness and mechanical resistance. Tantalum carbonide can also serve the following purposes: 1. Cemented boro Cemented carbide’s tantalum carbonide plays an important part in improving alloy properties. By increasing fibrous tissue production and phase transformation kinetics, it improves the alloy’s strength, stability and processing capabilities. 2. Electronic industry Although Natunction has many similarities to carbide-based nanomaterials, it is also unique. There are many advantages to Natunction, such as high hardness (normally 9-10), high melting temperature (approximately3880 °C), Yang’s module (283-550 GPa), strong Conductivity (32.7-117.4 CM at 25, °C, in electrical conductivity) ), Anti-chemical corrosion candles (0.5k), heat shock ability and highly catalytic ammonia decomposition/hydrogen separation. 3. High-temperature alloy A tantalum-carbide(TAC) is preferred (melting Point 3890 °C), followed closely by carbide (3800 °C), followed shortly thereafter by carbide (2500 °C). These materials are capable of maintaining certain mechanical properties even at very high temperatures. Storage Situation of TAC powder TaC powder dispersion performance as well as using properties will be affected if there is a damp reunion. Tantalum carbide TaC dust should be packed in vacuum and kept in cool, dry areas. Tantalum carbonide TaC cannot be air-exposed. Ti2AlC is also not recommended for use under stress. Shipping & Packing Tantalum carbide powder We can offer several types of packing depending on the Tantalum-carbid TaC powder content. Tac powder packaging for Tantalum carbide TaC: vacuum packed, 100g to 500g or one kg/bag, 25kg/barrel and as per your request. Tantalum Carbide TaC powder shipping: This could be done by sea, air, or express once the payment has been made. Advanced material of 3pdm. With over twelve years of industry experience, (3pdm), a reliable global supplier and manufacturer, provides super high quality chemicals and nanomaterials. You can contact us to request high-quality tantalum carbonide powder. (brad@ihpa.net)

Tantalum Carbide Properties

tantalum(IV) carbide, TaC powder 12070-06-3 TaC Molecular Weigh 192.96 Appearance Brown Powder Melting Point 3850 °C Boiling Point 4780-5470 °C Density 14.3-14.7 g/cm3 Solubility H2O Insoluble 36.71 J/mol·K Heat Conductivity 21 W/m·K Exact 192.947996

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