High Purity Silicon Sulfide SiS2 Powder CAS 13759-10-9, 99.99%


Dec 16, 2022

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Silicon sulfide has the molecular form SiS2. Stable at normal pressure and temperature, the white fibrous orthorhombic or Tetragonal crystals can be found. Particle Size: -100mesh Purity: 99.99% Product Name: Silicon Sulfide; silicon sulphide Silicon Sulfide chemical formula: SiS2 Silicon Sulfide molecular weight: 92.21 Silicon Sulfide density: 1.853 g/cm3 Silicon Sulfide melting point: 1090 Silicon Sulfide boiling point: 1130 Silicon Sulfide CAS NO. : 13759-10-9 Silicon Sulfide Information: Silicon sulfide has the molecular form SiS2. At normal temperatures and pressure, white fibrous orthorhombic crystals or tetragonal crystals can remain stable and will eventually decompose to SiO2 in the presence moisture. If heated in air, it burns. Silicon Sulfide SiS2 powder: Silicon sulfur, an inorganic compound has the molecular structure SiS2. SiS2 = 92.21. This is an inorganic compound with the molecular structure SiS2. Insoluble in benzene; Soluble in dilute base. Ammonolysis and hydrolysis were performed with water, liquid ammonia and ethanol. Hydrolysis and ammonolysis occurred with water, ethanol, and liquid ammonia, respectively. SiS2 can be easily decomposed to produce hydrogen sulfide, just like the other silicosulfide compound, bis (trimethylsilyl). Although it is known to form silica in liquid ammonia, such imides have been identified as Si(NH)2 or NH4SH. Recent reports however identify SiS2 crystallization [SIS3 (NH3)]2NH3 and its tetrahedral orthosilicate anion SIS3/NH3. By reacting with ethanol, tetraethyl orthosilicate was synthesized and H2S was created. A large amount of tertabutyl alcohol can be used to alcoholise tri (tertyl) silicon mecaptan. 3 (CH3)3COH + Sis2 →[(CH3)3CO] 3Sish + H2S The reaction with aluminum sulfide (magnesium sulfide) and sodium sulfide (magnesium sulfide) to make sulphosilicate If you’d like to order Silicon Sulfide SiS2 Pulver, please send us an inquiry. How Silicon Sulfide Silica SiS2 Puffer is produced? 1. In a crucible, combine aluminum powder with excess sulfur and heat it until you get aluminum sulfide. You will then mix the aluminum sulfide and a small amount of silica with water. Mix the ingredients in a bag and place in a piece of shingle. Heat the tube with a little dry nitrogen, and then heat it. It starts at 1100 and sublimated Sis2 is able to stick to the region at low temperatures of 1300 1200. After purification, the Sis2 is again sublimated with nitrogen or vacuum. The mixture of sulfur and silicon can be heated at 5103MPa or 700 to make Tetragonal Sis2. 2. Heat silicon self-based silicon to decompose. By mixing 96g of sulfur with 39g Si(SC2H5)4, and heating at 200 for 10 min, si-disulfide or ethylthioane are made (C2H5–S2-C2H5, c2H5–S3–C2H5). This is then dissolved in benzene, and the mixture is filtered to avoid it mixing with water. Silicon Sulfide SiS2 Pulver Silicon sulfide can be used as a compatibility agent with sulfates. It is medium-water and acid-soluble. One or more of the hydrogens in a metal can be replaced by a sulfate. Silicon Sulfide SiS2 Pulp Storage: SiS2 powder’s dispersion and usage performance will be negatively affected by damp reunion. Silicon Sulfide SiS2 should be stored in vacuum-packed bags and kept dry. Silicon Sulfide SiS2 Dust must not be exposed to air. Additionally, Silicon Sulfide SiS2 Pulver should not be exposed to extreme stress. Shipping and Packing of Silicon Sulfide SiS2 Pulp: We offer many packing options that are dependent on the amount of Silicon Sulfide SiS2 Pulver. Silicon Sulfide siS2 Powder packaging:vacuum packing 100g, 500g, 1kg/bag 25kg/barrel and as per your request Silicon Sulfide SiS2 Pudding shipping: Could be shipped by sea, air or express as soon after receipt of payment. Advanced material 15giorni. Global chemical supplier and manufacturer (15giorni), has over 12-years of experience providing high-quality chemicals. Send us an enquiry if you’re looking for high quality silicon powder. (brad@ihpa.net)

Silicon Sulfide Properties

silicon(IV) sulfide, silicon disulfide, silicon(IV) sulphide, SiS2 powder 13759-10-9 SiS2 Molecular Weigh 92.22 Appearance White Powder Melting Point 1090 Heating Point N/A Density 1.85-2.02 g/cm3 Solubility of H2O Decomposes Exact 91.921068

Silicon Sulfide Health & Safety Instruction

Danger Hazard Statements H261-H300-H315-H319-H335 Hazard Codes F Risk Codes N/A Security Statements N/A Transport Information UN3134 II
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