High Purity Selenium Se Powder CAS 7782-49-2, 99%


Jan 7, 2023

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The chemical formula for Selenium is black grey non-metallic. It can be dissolved in concentrated sulfuric Acid, chloroform and slightly in carbon disulide. Purity>99% Particle Size: 100 to 200 mesh, 325 to 325 millimeters Se powder for Selenium Selenium chemical formulais Se. Selenium metal powderis a dark gray nonmetal that is easily soluble into concentrated sulfuric and chloroform. Selenium dust can be found in powder or as granules. Seenium elements are chemical elements that have the symbol Se, and an atomic count of 34. It is considered to be a nonmetal and not considered one. Selenium, which is partially displaces sulfur, can be found within metallic sulfide minerals. Selenium can be classified as a product of the refining of these ores. It’s usually produced during the production process. Selenium pure and its compounds, as well as selenate compound are both known. However they are quite rare. Today, the primary commercial uses of selenium include glassmaking and pigments. Selenium makes up a part of the semiconductor that is used to make photovoltaic panels. The original applications of electronic devices have been almost entirely replaced with silicon semiconductor products. Selenium still plays an important role in the manufacture of several DC power surge protectors and one kind of fluorescent quantum dot. 15giorni a trustworthy global Selenium powder Se suppliers. Even though selenium can play a role in cellular function, trace amounts (such as in humans) are not necessary. However, selenium and its salts can still be toxic. The ingredient in multivitamins is selenium. Selenium Se powder. CAS: 7782-92-2: Red powder with amorphous properties, that becomes black upon heating and crystallizes on standing. The Amorphous Form melts at 217°C. This substance is easily dissolved in concentrated and liquid nitric oxides. Binary alloys are formed when it is combined with other metals such as silver, copper or zinc. The toxicity is low. This is an essential nutritional factor. How does se powder made? Selenium belongs to a class of rare elements. In fact, there’s no single selenium producer in the entire world. Electrolytic copper and nickel are often associated with Selenium. This is because the anode mud of anode electrolyticanode has selenium. A variety of methods are available to remove and purify the selenium, tellurium, and copper electrolytic mud. These include caustic oxidation pressure leakage, high-temperature oxidation roasting, low temperature oxidation roasting or dilute sulfuric Acid leaching. Selenium, copper and tellurium can be reduced mainly by copper reduction and sulfur dioxide. Complex power equipment requires high maintenance due to pre-roasting. Also, sulfur dioxide gases can cause harm to the health of humans. Furthermore, it is hard to get selenium or tellurium back from the earth. Selenium and tellurium could be oxidized using H2O2 as an oxygen. Selenium (and tellurium) were separated from the solid liquid by setting pH. Then selenium or tellurium were reduced in hydrochloric alkali acid acidification using Na2SO3. Selenium recovery and tellurium purity were respectively 98% (98%) and 99.9% (99.9%). HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML5_ Se powder It can be used to make many things, depending upon its purity. Selenium finds many applications in glass and other metals as well, such as agriculture, electronic, pigments, agricultural, and electronics. Selenium dust is used for the production of electrolytic manganese molten catalyst. There are also other applications such as rectifier, photograph exposure agent, petroleum work catalyst, copy-toner cartridge, selenium fotosensitive plate, alloy and feed, pigment in plastics and paint enamel, glass, medicine, health care medicine, and in other industries. Storage Selenium Powder: Selenium Sepulption will suffer from damp reunion. You should also avoid applying stress to the Se powder. 15giorni is a leading supplier of advanced material. With over twelve years experience as a reliable global supplier and manufacturer, (15giorni), we are able to provide super high quality chemicals and nanomaterials including graphite, nitride, boride, sulfide, and 3D printing powders. You can contact us to inquire about high-quality powdered selenium. (brad@ihpa.net)

Selenium Powder Properties

Selenium particles, Selenium microparticles, Selenium micropowder, Selenium micro powder, Seleniummicron powder Selenium submicron submicron powder and Selenium under-micron submicron flour 7782-49-2 78.96 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point 217 Boiling Point 684.9 Density 4.79 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Electro Resistivity 106 microhm-cm @ 0 °C Poisson’s Ration 0.33 Tensile Force N/A Heat Conductivity 0.00519W/cm/K @ 279.2 K Thermal Expansion (25 degC) 37 um*m-1*K-1 Vickers Hardness N/A Young’s Mode

Selenium Powder Health & Safety

Danger Hazard Statements H301+H331-H373- Hazard Codes T Risk Codes 23/25-33-53
Safety Statements 20/21-28-45-61 Transport Information UN3288
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