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Dec 31, 2022

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Ni3N Powder is the common name for Nickel Nitride. Nickel nitride is known as Ni3N powder. It can be used as film material, PVD coating, plating, etc. Purity: 99.9% Particle Size : -100 mm Nickel Nitride Ni3N Ni3N Puffer: Nickel nutrideis stable when moist. It will dissolve slowly in cold dilute. It does not work with hot acids which are rapidly dissolved in concentrated hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. The future of renewable energy generation requires efficient, reliable and inexpensive electrocatalysts that can be used in energy-related applications. Nickel trioxide Ni3N is used for electrocatalysis. It was manufactured from nickel foam. Ni3N/ Ni foam is very stable in hydrogen evolution, with a high current density of about 50mV. The modified nickel-foam also had higher oxygen evolution (OER), reduction (ORR), reaction activity than the original. By better lattice pairing, the NiOH(2 layer has been formed on the Niridinglayer. Ni3N/NiOH catalyst is a way to make it easier for water dissociate on nickel hydroxide. It also reduces overpotential. Metal nitrides are also more able to absorb hydrogen than they are of pure metals. There are many energy-related options, such as battery and fuel cell design. Nickel nitride could be an electrocatalyst. To receive the latest Nickel Nitride cost please contact us. Nickel Nitride Ni3N Ni3N Ni3N Product Performance: We offer nickel nitride (Ni3N) powder with higher purity, smaller particle sizes, and a greater surface area. Nickel Nitride Ni3N Ni3N Puffer: Title High Purity Nitride Powder  Ni3N Purity  99.9%  Particle   Size      –100 mesh Application Film material: Nickel Nitride Ni3N Powder is used; PVD coating, plating material etc. ; Nickel Nitride Ni3N Ni3N Ni3N Puffer Specification: Where is Nickel Nitride Ni3N Ni3N Powder made? To make nickel nitride, heat the nickel powder in an ammonia stream to 4450°. HTML3N Nitride Ni3N Pearl Nickel nitride, for thin-film material, such PVD coating or electroplating; Nickel nitride used as an innovative basic hydrogen fuel-cell anode. It was also used to act as a catalyst. Shipping & Packing Nickel Nitride NickelN powder: Many types of packing are available depending on nickel nitride (Ni3N) powder. Powder packaging of Nickel nitride (Ni3N): vacuum packed, 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel. Shipping Ni3N nickel nitride powder: could either be shipped by sea or by air once payment receipt has been paid. 3pdm Advanced Material. With over twelve years experience as a reliable global supplier of chemical material and manufacturer, (3pdm) includes super-high quality chemicals and nanomaterials such as boride, nitride or graphite powders, sulfide, 3D printing powders, etc. Contact us if you need high-quality Nitride granules. (brad@ihpa.net)
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