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Apr 21, 2023 ,

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Tantalum aluminum carbide, a brand new member of ceramic materials combines many benefits of ceramics and metals. Ta4AlC3 powder is known for its excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures. Purity: 99%
Particle size: 200mesh,400mesh
About Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta4AlC3 Powder :
Ceramics in the maximum phase A new type conductive ceramic material which can be processed. Ta4AlC3 Powder One of these is M. This ceramics is made up of more than 60 Ternary Carbide or Nitride compounds. Tantalum aluminum carbide (TaC) A new type of ceramic material which combines many of the advantages of ceramic and metal. Ta4AlC3 powder Excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures

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Product Performance of Tantalum Aluminum Carbide, Ta4AlC3 Pulp :
Tantalum Aluminium Carbide Ta4AlC3 Pulp has high strength and elastic modulus. It is also high in thermal conductivity and electric conductivity. This powder can be used for workability.

Technical Parameter of Tantalum Al Carbide Ta4AlC3 powder :
Product Name MF Purity Particle size Molecular Weight Melting Point Color
Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta4AlC3 99% 200mesh,
786.77 N/A Gray Black
How does it work? Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta4AlC3 Powder Produced?
1. Weighing Tantalum powdere, aluminum powder, and toner and then ball milling mixed powder.
2. The powder is then mixed into the graphite box, and then into a reactor. There are inert gas, ignition and self-spreading reactions, cooling after crushing, and drying to produce Ta4AlC3 clay powder. This method is fast, efficient, cost-effective, low in energy and high in production efficiency. The Ta4AlC3 ceramic powder obtained by the invention has high purity. The Ta4AlC3 ceramic material obtained from the invention can be used for aviation, aerospace, electronic and nuclear industries, among other things.

Applications Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta4AlC3 Powder :
MAX has been used extensively in nanometer adsorption as well as biosensors and supercapacitors.

Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta4AlC3 powder Storage:
Ta4AlC3 powder dispersion performance, and use effects will be affected by damp reunion. Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta4AlC3 Pulver should be kept dry and sealed in vacuum bags. Tantalum Aluminum Carbide cannot be exposed to air. Additionally, Ta4AlC3 powder must be kept away from stress.

Packing & Shipping Tantalum Aluminum Carbide T4AlC3 powder :
We offer many packing options that are dependent on the Tantalum Aluminum Carbonide Ta4AlC3 powder quantity.
Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta4AlC3 Powder packing: Vacuum packaging, 100g,500g, 1kg/bag or 25kg/barrel. Or as you request.
Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta4AlC3 Powder shipping: Once payment receipt is received, items may be shipped by sea or air as soon as they are possible.

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Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Powder Properties

Other Titles Tantalum carbide/Aluminum carbide MXene,
Advanced Max/Mxene Pulver, Ta:Al.C powder, Ta4AlC3 powder
No. N/a
Combination Formula Ta4AlC3
Molecular Weight 786.77
Appearance Gray to Black Powder
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility of H2O N/A
Thermal Expansion 8.7-8.9 x 10. -6 K- 1

Tantalum Aluminum Carbide powder Health & Safety Information

Signal word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety statements N/A
Transport Information N/A