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Dec 9, 2022

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Magnesium Silicide is the sole stable compound of the Mg-Si Binary System. It is distinguished by its high melting temperature, high hardness, as well high elastic modulus. Purity: 99% Particle sizes: 5-10um Magnesium Silicide Magnesium Si Powder Magnesium Silicide (inorganic compound) is composed of magnesium silica and silicon. Cubic crystal. Cyan powder or light violet. The melting point is at 112° C. The relative density is 1.94. Magnesium Silicide dissolves in cold water. It can also be decomposed in hot. The silica can be fully decomposed using vacuum heating or heated to 1200°C in hydrogen flow. The alkali solution can be used safely. Simultaneously decompose to produce silane or hydrogen. Mg2Si the only stable component of the MGSi binary system. The (0, 0, 0.0) position is where each Siatom is. It forms a facial square structure with A sides. The MG atom is at position Each Si atom in this position forms a facial cubic structure. Magnesium Silicide is a very narrow gap semiconductor. Magnesium silicide (Mg2Si) is a thin-gap semiconductor. Magnesium Silicide Si Mg2Si Pulp: Magnesium silicide powder Mg2Si (CAS22831-39-6) has a high melt point, high corrosion resistivity, high oxidation and good electrical conductivity. A binary alloy system is the intermediate phase. Parameter Technical of Magnesium Simicide Mg2Si Pu Powder: Produktname Purity – Particle Size Melting Point Density magnesium silicide Mg2Si 99% 5-10um 1102 1.94 g/cm3 black Chemical composition of Magnesium silicicide Mg2Si powder: Mg2Si Si >99% balance 36% 0.09% 0.02% 0.25% 0.005% How is Magnesium Silicide Magnesium Silicide Si Powder produced? Silica powder, with a particle diameter 180, is mixed into magnesium powder, 100 g. Use a hydrogen gas reactive system 3 times. According to the research on silicide magnesia, optimal conditions were 600 °C for the reaction, 4 h reaction, silica powder with a particle diameter of 180, silica powder having o metric ratio of 2.02:1, cooling rate 10 °C/min and product quality of greater than 98%. Magnesium Silicide Silicide ? Magnesium Silicide is often used in the manufacture of aluminum alloys. Magnesium Silicide is used for the production of 6000 series aluminum alloys that contain up to 1.5% Mg2Si. An alloy can be made from this group by hardening it to make the Guinier PRESTON or a fine precipitate. The result is an increase in strength. The most important electronic application of MG2Si to electronics is a thermoelectric Generator. The primary use of magnesium silicide is to make other silicides. MgSin2 can be synthesized by using Magnesium silicide. It can be used for the preparation non-oxide powder ceramic. This is silicide of magnesium Silicide. Shipping & Packing Magnesium Silicide Mu Powder There are numerous types of packing that can be used depending on the quantity Mg2Si magnesium silicide. Magnesium silicide (Mg2Si) powder packing: vacuum Packaging, 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel. Shipping of magnesium silicide Mg2Si powder: can ship out by sea, express or by air once payment receipt has been paid.

Magnesium Silicide Properties

dimagnesium silicide, dimagnesium monisilicide, MgSi, Mg2Si powder 22831-39-6 Mg2Si 76.7 Appearance Gray Powder Melting Point N/A Boiling Point N/A Density 1.94 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Exact 75.94701

Magnesium Silicide Permissions & Safety Information

Danger Hazard Statements H261 Hazard Codes Risk Codes 14/15
Safety Declarations N/A Mobile Information UN2624 4.3/PG2
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