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Dec 15, 2022

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Lanthanum oxide has a molecular structure of La2O3. Primarily used to produce precision optical and optical fiber. Purity: 99.9% Particle size: 100mesh La2O3 is Lanthanum Oxide What do you call La2O3’s name? Lanthanum(III) oxide. This is the chemical formula of Lanthanum oxide. These salts can be slightly soluble when mixed with water. Let the air dry to remove carbon dioxide. When you combine lanthanumoxide and water, it produces tremendous heat. It’s used mostly in making precision opticalglass, also known as optical fibre. La2O3 can be either an ionic (or covalent) compound. La2O3 being more ionic than Lu2O3, and Lu2O3 being more covalent. With the decrease in size from La to Lu the stability for oxo salits also drops. This white solid with an odor is called Lanthanum Oxide. It can dissolve in water, but it will be insoluble in dilute alcohols. There are many crystal structure options depending on how the compound is pH. Hygroscopic properties make La2O3 a good choice. The atmosphere absorbs the La2O3 and it turns to lanthanum chloride over time. This p-type semiconductor material has an approximate 5.8 eV bandgap and features lanthanum oak. Its resistance at room temperatures is approximately 10 k/cm. However, this resistivity drops with increasing temperature. La2O3 among rare earth oxides is the least energetic and has the largest dielectric constant. 3pdm Lanthanum Oxide supplier has been trusted worldwide. Lanthanum Oxide La2O3 Pulp Performance : 3pdm meter lanthanumoxid is a form of white powder. The density is 6.51g/cm3. In addition to being able to absorb carbon dioxide and water easily, air gradually evolved into lanthanum oxide. To produce large amounts heat, lanthanum carbonate must be hydrated and heated. Technical Parameter of Lanthanum Oxide Pu :



White powder




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Specific surface area (m g)


CeO2≤ ppm


Pr6O11≤ ppm


Nd2O3≤ ppm


Sm2O3≤ ppm


Y2O3≤ ppm


How Lanthanum O3 Are They Produced? 1. A rare earth-nitrate solution was used after cerium has been removed. The solution contains roughly 50% CeO3, trace amount CeO2, 11.6%-7% Pr6O and 30 percent Nd2O3. It is obtained from phosphor – cerium lanthanum (ore) or by burning of lanthanum carbate or lanthanum nuitrate. The heating of lanthanum orxalates can make it. 2. La(OH3)3 is placed into a platinum cup, let it dry at 200°C, heat it to 500°C, and finally, melt it in the oven at 500°C. This will give you lanthanum oxide. Lanthanum Oxide: Lanthanum oxide, an organic compound with the rare earth element lanthanum (and oxygen), is called inorganic lanthanum. It is used in certain ferroelectric material, as part of optical materials, as well as in other applications. Other applications of Lanthanum Oxide include: maintenence of special-alloy precision optical glass, high-refraction optical fiberboard for camera and microscope lenses, and prisms of advanced optical instruments. It is also used in manufacturing ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric Ceramic additives, and Xray luminescent materials like lanthanum bromide or powder. A catalyst is used for many reactions using Lanthanum Oxide, including the oxidation/hydrogenation of carbon Monoxide by doping it with cadmiumoxide and the conversion of methane to carbon monoxide. To make ferrite magnetics, you can infiltrate lanthanum with lithium or zirconia (1%). Lanthanum oxygen is a powerful and selective catalyst to aid in the oxidative coupling methane/ethane/ethylene. Lanthanum oxygen is used for improving the temperature dependence (and dielectric properties) of barium titanate, (BaTiO3), and strontium titanate(SrTiO3) ferroelectrics. Lanthanum Oxide La2O3 powder storage conditions: In general, polymerization inhibitors are used in commercial products. Make sure to store in a dry, well ventilated place. Please keep away from heat, fire, and other forms of heat. Temperatures should not be higher than 30 degrees. Seal the container and avoid contact with air. This packaging must be protected from acidic, oxidant, and other harmful substances. Ventilation and lighting should be used to prevent explosions. The use of spark-generating tools and mechanical equipment is strictly forbidden. A suitable container material should also be included in your storage area. Packing & Shipping Lanthanum Oxide La2O3 – There are many options for packing, which all depend on the amount of Lanthanum Oxide la2O3 powder. Lanthanum Oxide La2O3 – Powder Packaging: vacuum, 100g/bag or 500g/bag. 25kg/barrel. Lanthanum Oxide (La2O3) Powder Shipping: After payment receipt, shipping could take place by sea or air. 3pdm advanced materials. With over twelve years of industry experience, (3pdm) has been a reliable global supplier and manufacturer for chemical material. Contact us if you need high-quality lanthanum dioxide powder. (brad@ihpa.net)

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Lanthanum III Oxide, Lanthanum Sesquioxide Lanthana. Dilanthanum oxide. Lanthanum dioxide. Lanthania CAS 1260-02-3 1312-81-8 La2O3 325.81 Appearance White Powder Melting Point 2,315° C (4,199° F) Solubility into water Insoluble Density 6.51 g/cm3 99.90% -100mesh Boling solution 4,200° C (7,592° F) N/A Heat Conductivity N/A Thermal Expansion N/A Youngs Modulus N/A Exact 325.797 Monoisotopic 325.797

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