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Dec 4, 2022

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Germanium dioxide has the molecular form GeO2 and is a fine white powder. This is a main ingredient in making metal germanium. However, it can also be used for semiconductor materials and spectral analysis. Purity: 99.99%, 99.999% Particle size 100mesh-300mesh Germanium Oxide (GeO2) powder Germanium oxid or Germanium ole is an organic compound with the molecular form GeO2. This is the oxides germanium. The electronic structure of this inorganic compound is identical to that of carbon dioxide. The material is either a colorless powder or crystal and is slightly soluble in water. It is the commercially most important source of germanium. Germanium oxygen is an amphoteric compound that exhibits both basic- and acidic qualities. Also, when pure Germanium is exposed to atmospheric oxygen, the oxide forms a protective layer. There are two types, and the transition temperatures for both is 1033. Mainly used to make metal germanium. GeO2’s main forms are hexagonal (or tetragonal) and tetragonal. GeO2 that is hexagonal in structure has 4. The germanium number for Tetra-GeO2 soft minerals has the rutilelike structure often found in Stibnite. The germanium’s coordination number in this subject is 6. GeO2’s glassy, amorphous, form is very similar in appearance to molten Silica. You can send an inquiry to receive the latest Germanium dioxide price. Germanium Oxide, GeO2 Powder Performance Germanium Oxide can be described as a stable, white powder. The most common sources of Germanium Oxide are sphalerite zinc ores and fly ash from lignite. Germanium concentrates may be made by using chlorine distillation. GeCl4 is a form of germanium tetrachloride. Technical Parameters for Germanium Oxide geO2 powder Elements Concentration (ppm wt) GeO2% 99.999min As(ppm) 0.5max Fe(ppm) 0.1max Cu(ppm) 0.2max Ni(ppm) 0.2max Pb(ppm) 0.1max Co(ppm) 0.2max Al(ppm) 0.1max Total impure content   10max How Germanium Oxide GO2 Powder is produced? Germanium dioxide may be prepared both in crystalline and amorphous formats. A network made of GeO4 hexagons is what forms the amorphous structure. With pressure increasing to nine GPa, the germanium’s mean coordination number increases from about 4 to 5 per year. The germanium-O bond distance is also affected by the increase in pressure. The pressure reaches approximately 15 GPa and at this point the germanium coordinate number is 6; the dense network structure can be formed by GeO6 octahedron. Following a reduction in pressure, the structure returns to its tetrahedral state. A high pressure conversion occurs from the rutile to orthogonal Cl2 forms. It is possible to hydrolyze germanium chloride using distilled water. Add 6.5x of the water volume to germanium titanchloride. Mix it well and leave it there for one day. It was dried at 200. Germanium dioxide Uses: Germanium dioxide comes in many applications. Because of its optical dispersion and refractive properties (1.7), germanium dioxide can be used to make optical lenses for large-angle and objective scopes as well optical fiber wire cores. Germanium and the glass oxide GeO2 of it are both transparent to visible infrared spectra. Glass can be transformed into infrared Windows for luxury cars, military and other applications. GeO2 clear infrared glass is more popular than others because it has superior mechanical strength. Therefore, it is better suited for harsh military applications. For optical fibers and waveguides made of mixtures silicon dioxide and germanium, they are called optical materials. This allows for precise control over the refractive index by manipulating the element proportions. Germanium dioxide is used as an input in the manufacturing of some phosphors, and other semiconductor materials. It is often used in Algal Culture to inhibit the growth or diatoms. Also used in the production of germanium. It can also be used as a raw material to produce germanium, other germanium compounds and as a catalyst in making polyethylene-terephthalate. The catalyst can be used for the production of optical glass, phosphors as well as dehydrogenation and adjustment of gasoline distillate, color film, and polyester fiber production. It is possible to also produce germanium dioxide or polymerization catalyst, which has excellent refractive index, dispersion performance and wide use as a wide angle lens camera and microscope. The development of technology has made germanium very widely available in the production and processing of high purity metals germanium and germanium compounds. PET resin and other electronic materials are produced using germanium dioxide. Although it does not have toxic properties, you can’t take organic germanium (Ge-132). Germanium O2 GeO2 Powder Storage Germanium Oxide GeO2 dust should be kept in a dry, cool environment. Packing & Shipping Germanium O2 GeO2 Powder This item is packaged in double plastic bags. Germanium Oxide GeO2 packing: vacuum packaging 100g-500g or 1kg/bag 25kg/barrel and as per your request Germanium Oxide GeO2 and powder shipping shipping: may be shipped either by sea or by air as soon as the payment is received. High Purity Germanium Oxide GeO2  powder CAS 1310-53-8,99.9% | 3pdm Advanced material by 3pdm. 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Germanium Oxide GeO2 Powder Properties

td width=”540″, Germanium dioxide, Diketogermane. Germanium(IV) Oxide, Germania, Germane, dioxo, Oxogermane, Germanic Oxide (crystalline). 1310-53-8 GeO2 Molecular Weigh 104.6 g/mol Appearance White Powder Melting Point 1,115° C (2,039° F) Solubility into water N/A Density 6.239 g/cm3 N/A N/A Boling N/A N/A Heat Conductivity N/A Thermal Expansion N/A Young’s Model N/A Exact 91.9317 g/mol Monoisotopic 105.911007 – Da

Germanium Olide GeO2 Puffer Safety & Health Information

Safety Warn Warning Hazard Statements H302-H332 Flashing point N/A Hazard Codes Risk Codes 22 Safety Declarations N/A LY5240000 Transport Information Germany 1
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