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Dec 10, 2022

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Indium Phosphide can be described as a chemical compound that’s a dark gray crystal with a high gloss. It is created by heating red phosphorus (metal indium) in quartz tube. Purity: 99.999% Particle Size – -60 mesh Indium Phosphide InP Poultry: Indium phosphide is a binary silicon composed of indium (indium) and phosphorus. Its crystal structure has the same face-centered cubic (” sphalerite “) as GaAs’s. Indium Phosphide is binary semiconductor material that is composed of phosphorus (phosphorus) and indium. It displays a face-centered cubic (sphalerite, or cubic) crystal structure, similar to gallium arsenide. InP is used to generate high power and high frequencies electrons. This is because it has a faster electron speed than other common semiconductors such as silicon and gallium Arsenide. Indium gallium Arsenide was used in conjunction with it to create an unprecedented pseudo-crystal bipolar heterojunction transistor, capable of operating at 604GHz Also, the indium phosphide’s bandgap is direct which permits it to be used for optoelectronic gadgets such as laser dimers. Infinity uses Indium Phosphide as the main technical material for its photonic integration circuits. This is used in optical communications for WDM. You can use InP as a substrate to create epitaxial iron gallium arsenide optoelectronic designs. Indium Phosphide is a binary silicon composed of indium, (In), as well as phosphorus (P). It is classified with the other class III-V semiconductor materials, gallium arsenide and sphalerite semiconductors. INP semiconductors are highly used in high power and frequency electronics because of their excellent electronic speed. The high speed of INP semiconductors makes them a popular choice for optoelectronic devices. Please feel free to inquire about the latest price for Indium Phosphide anytime. Indium Phosphide InP Pu Powder Product Performance:
Indium Phosphide is chemical substance. It is a dark, gray crystal with a high gloss.
Technical Parameter of Indium Phosphide InP – Produktname Purity – Particle Size Molecular Weight Density Indium Phosphide InP 99.999% 60 mesh 145.80 4.787 g/cm3 Grey What is indium phosphate InP powder made? Indium Phosphide is produced by the reaction between white phosphorus (phosphorous) and indium [iodide]. White phosphorus (a translucent waxy material that glows yellow when exposed light) is made from indium Iodide. It is a crystalline, orange substance. Here’s how to get indiumphosphide. Both are stored at 400@C Combine the purified materials at high pressure and very high temperature Mixing trialkylindium compounds with phosphine via a thermosynthesis. Also, an electrochemical etching process is used in order to get the indiumphosphide nanocrystalline top before it can be viewed using a scanning microscope. Indium Phosphide InP PH Powder HTML3_ : Indium Phosphide, due to its higher electron rates than gallium arsenide or common silicon semiconductors, is commonly used in high power electronic circuits. Indium Phosphide has a direct bandgap which makes it suitable to be used in photoelectric engineering components like laser diodes. Indium phosphide may also be used to make epitaxial substrates from indium galium arsenic and other optoelectronic materials. INP forms the basis of three important areas including optoelectronic component, high-speed electrons and photovoltaic. Notably, INP-based components open up the electromagnetic spectrum to include infrared and microwave. This technical region, known by terahertz or INP-based components, has a range of electromagnetic wave frequencies with both high frequency and very high optical properties. Indium Phosphide InP Poultry Storage Condition: Dry reunions will adversely affect InP Powder dispersion performance. InP powder should also be protected from any stress. Indium Phosphide InP Pu Powder Packaging & Shipping – There are many kinds of packing available depending on the amount indium phosphide IPP powder. Indium Phosphide powder packing: vacuum packed, 100g 500g or 1kg/bag. Shipping for Indium Phosphide InP powder: could either be sent by sea or by air once payment receipt has been paid.

Indium Phosphide Properties

indium monophosphide, phosphinidyneindium, phosphanylidyneindium, phosphanylidyneindium, Indium(III) phosphide, InP powder 23398-80-7 Matter 145.79 Appearance Gray Powder Melting Point 1062 Boiling Point N/A Density 4.487-4.81 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Exact 145.87764

Indium Phosphide Health & Safety

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