High Purity Boron Phosphide BP Powder CAS 20205-91-8, 99.99% | 3pdm


Dec 2, 2022

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Boron phosphide also goes by the name BP-powder. This inorganic compound is made up of boron phosphorus. Purity: 99.99% Particle size: 60 mesh Boron Phosphide BP Powder Boron phosphide – a compound of boron and phosphorus, is classified as an inorganic substance. Henri Moisan a French chemical chemist synthesized crystals containing boron phosphate back in 1891. The boiling concentration of acid and bases does not cause boronphosphide to react, but it might react after heating. Boron phosphide, when in contact with air, is stable up to 1000°C. Partially phosphorous can be lost by heating the mixture above 1100°C. The different manufacturing methods can result in boronphosphide having a red transparent colour, dark red transparent colour, black crystal color or soft, brown, amorphous materials. Chemically stable. Chemically stable. Product Performance of Boron Phosphide BP Powder: Boron Phosphide BP Powder’s purity is very high, has a small distribution, high heat strength, high crack strength, and excellent chemical stability. Excellent thermal shock resistance, resistance, good density and hardness. Boron hydroxide does not react well with hot concentrated acid or alkali, but it reacts with moltenalkali like sodium hydroxide After preheating. Boron Phosphide has a resistance to oxygen at temperatures below 1000° C. When it is exposed to air, it can also react with chlorine at around 500° C. While the compound is stable to 2500 °C in high pressure at 2500°C, vacuum heating above 1100°C will result in some loss of phosphorus. Purchase B12P1.8. This crystal structure is identical to boron-carbide. Parameter Technical of Boron Phosphide BP Poultry: Produktname Purity – Particle Size Melting Point Volume Density ( g/cm3 ) Boron Phosphide BP 99.99% -60 Mesh 1100 2.9 White Boron Phosphide BP Powder What is ? Combination of elemental boron or red phosphorus, heated to 900°C-1100°C Thermal Decomposition of PCl3BCl3 Boren with zinc phosphide/phosphine. Applications Boron Phosphide BP Powder . Boron Phosphide has a boron-phosphorous compound. It is a semiconductor substance that does not react to an acidic or boiling alkali solution. Even though the n type crystal of poly boronphosphateboron is bright orange, while the p-type one is deep red, its transparency is almost perfect. This is where boron phosphide is most commonly used. Laser diode. Light-emitting device. Dopant. Protective coating of soft infrared transmission sub-substrates Packing & Shipping of Boron Phosphide BP Powder We offer many kinds of packaging, each one depending on the boron phosphide BP Powder quantity. Boron phosphide BP BP packing: vacuum Packaging, 1kg/bag 25kg/barrel and as per your request Boron phosphide BP BP Powder Shipping: could be shipped via sea, air, or express once payment has cleared.

Boron Phosphide Properties

Boron monophosphide; Tridecaboron diphosphide; Borylidynephosphine, BP powder 20205-91-8 BP 41.78 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point N/A Boiling Point N/A Density N/A Solubility H2O N/A Exact 41.983067

Boron Phosphide Health & Safety Information

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