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Nov 30, 2022

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Copper silicide is also called Cu5Si. This binary silicon copper compound contains copper as well as an intermetallic chemical. Purity: 99% Particle sizes: 5-10um About Copper Silicide Powder Cu5Si: Cu5Si, or Peneta-copper Silicide, are binary compounds of silicon as well as copper. It’s an intermetallic substance, which means its properties are somewhere between an ionic or alloy. This solid crystal is a silvery, insoluble solid. 3pdm copper silica powder supplier. Please feel free to inquire at any time about the Cu5Si pricing. Product Performance of Copper Silicide Cu5Si Powder: Copper silicide is also called Cu5Si. This binary silicon copper compound contains copper as well as an intermetallic chemical. Technical Parameter of Copper Siicide Cu5Si Powder: Produktname      MF       Purity    – Particle Size Molecular weight Density Copper Silicide Cu5Si 99% 5-10um 345.82 7.8 g/cm3   gray Chemical composition of copper silicicide Cu5Si powder: Cu5Si Cu Si Si 99% 91.8% 7.9% 0.013% 0.06% 0.006% 0.001% 0.12% How Copper SilicideCu5Si Cu5Si Powder is Produced? Copper silicide is made when copper and silicon are heated together. Copper Si Powder () Copper Silicide Films are used as diffusion barriers, diffusion suppressors, and to prevent electromigration from copper interconnectors. Copper silicides may be invoked during the production of industrial-grade organosilicon substances. The copper is responsible for catalyzing the addition to silicon of methyl chloride in this way. An illustrative reaction provides the industrially useful dimethyldichlorosilane 2 CH3Cl + Si → sicl2 (CH3) 2 Shipping & Packing Copper Silicide Cu5Si Puffer: We offer many options for packing, which are dependent on the quantity of Cu5Si copper silicide. Cu5Si Cu5Si powder packaging: vacuum Packaging, 100g-500g or 1kg/bag. Shipping copper silica Cu5Si cu5Si powder on receipt of payment. 3pdm Advanced Material. With over twelve years of industry experience, (3pdm) has been supplying and manufacturing high quality chemicals worldwide. Contact us if you need high-quality Cu5Si dust. (brad@ihpa.net)

Copper Silicide Properties

Pentacopper silicide 12159-07-8 Cu5Si 345.82 Appearance Gray Powder Melting Point N/A Boiling Point N/A Density 7.8 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Exact 344.623125

Copper Silicide Health & Safety Information

Warn Hazard Statements H315-H319-H335 Hazard Codes Risk Codes N/A Safety Declarations N/A Transport Information for all mode of transport
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